These Minimalist Hotels Are Perfect for the Smart Asian Traveler

They're simple, stylish, and close to a lot of tourist spots.

Choosing the right hotel is very important for the majority of us Filipinos who are traveling to Japan. We want to stay in hotels that are not only affordable, comfortable, and with ample space, but also centrally located. Tourists want to feel the heartbeat of the city they are staying in. It is what makes traveling worthwhile. And, most of the time, we love to travel in packs: dining, shopping, and visiting landmarks with our loved ones.

Thankfully, the Karaksa Hotel chain answers these very needs. Karaksa Hotel is known for being simple, stylish, and attuned to modern Japanese aesthetics. There are a variety of rooms to suit traveler's needs. Most of its rooms can be connected which can accommodate up to six adults and four children—not at all typical for hotel chains in Japan.

Booking a hotel in Japan that is centrally located and super affordable should be the prelude of every great Japanese touristic adventure.

To help you plan your trip, check out our selection of minimalist hotels for a most comfortable stay.