You Have to Try These Sweet Potato Donuts This Autumn in Japan

It's perfect for the season!

Mister Donuts, Japan
has brought in a new autumn selection in town. “Sweet Potato-do” are five sweet potato donuts that are perfect for this season. The selection varies from Sweet Potato-do Plain (¥120), Sweet Potato-do Purple Sweet Potato (¥130), Sweet Potato-do Sweet Potato (¥130) Sweet Potato-do Candied Potato (¥130), and Sweet Potato-do Brown Sugar Syrup Toasted Soy Bean Flour (¥130). These donuts made with soft “new dough” and Anno potato powder were introduced last September. According to a survey done by the company, among 100 people who like sweets, sweet potato had an interesting favor from the respondents.

“Sweet Potato-do Purple Sweet Potato”(
¥130) available at Mister Donuts.

In the “Autumn Sweets Survey” that was held ahead of the new donuts’ release, 100 people above the age of 18 who eat sweets at least once a month, and loves sweets were chosen as respondents. According to them, the most popularly eaten sweets during autumn is sweet potato.

In the survey, they were asked how strongly they wish to eat sweets during autumn. 53% answered “strongly,” while 44% responded “slightly.” This means the majority or 97% of them wish to eat sweets during autumn. With this, it is safe to say that autumn is definitely the season to crave for sweets.

The second question asked in the survey was what kind of sweets do they eat the most. Sweet potato topped the survey, tied along with chocolate at 14%. Sweet potato ranked higher than usual sweets such as ice cream, and cream puffs.

The respondents were also asked to choose which sweets will become popular during autumn. Japanese sweet potato garnered majority of the votes with 70% followed by sweet chestnuts/marron (64%), pumpkin (26%), and sweet bean paste (25%).

As the king of autumn or Japanese sweet potatoes topped the survey, they were also asked what kind of Japanese sweet potato sweets do they wish to eat during autumn. Baked potato (44%) was first place, continued by sweet potato (39%), and sugared potato (28%).

Furthermore, they were also asked if they were interested to eat donuts that are made of Japanese sweet potatoes and 82% of the respondents answered positively saying they would like to try. For the respondents, people who like Japanese sweet potatoes are warm, gentle, homey, and kind.

When they were asked about the upcoming “Potato-ish” donuts, the respondents reacted positively saying it sounds tasty, cute, and relaxing.

So why not try these sweet potato-ish donuts on your first autumn trip in the Reiwa period?

*All prices mentioned are tax excluded.



Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (4 September 2019)

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