This Unmanned Train Station in Hokkaido Has a Store Selling Delicious Ramen

Of all places!

An unmanned train station may look empty and lifeless, but it could also hold pleasant surprises. Take this train station in Hokkaido for example. Several restaurants have made JR’s unmanned train station building at the coast of Okhotsk their home, and one of them serves appetizing ramen!

The said restaurant has claimed Yambetsu Station’s office as well as the station manager’s room located at Koshimizu town for its operations. The current station’s building was rebuilt in 1968, with its retro atmosphere intact.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll see passenger seats and a ticketing booth used in the past on the left side. There’s a slogan that says, “Be a day without any accidents,” which adds to the nostalgic feel of the place.

Two-Ramen (¥950)

In this restaurant, you can also order the Two-Ramen, which, as the name implies, only has two ingredients: white onion and chopped pork char-siu. The salty chicken-based soup with a hint of spiciness comes with medium thin noodles that complement the broth’s rich taste.

Jagaimo Kaido (¥500)

Jagaimo Kaido is a steamed potato dish with butter. The melted butter and potatoes in the iron pot are served hot, so better be careful while taking a bite!

And in case you are wondering, you may freely enter or exit the station even without hopping on the train. This means that if you’re going to ride the train, you have to make the payment and get the ticket inside the train—unlike other train lines in Japan.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Hokkaido Walker™ (19 July 2017)

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