There’s a Reason Why the Japanese Love to Eat During the Autumn Season

It's the perfect season to binge eat!

After all the months of being under the scorching summer heat, Japan is now feeling the cool breeze brought in by
autumn. This season is the perfect blend of temperature where it’s not too hot nor too cold. With this kind of weather, don’t you feel energized to do a lot of things—like eating?

This kind of feeling is what most Japanese residents experience. They call the sudden increase in appetite
Shokuyoku no Aki, which translates to autumn appetite. 

But that’s not the only reason why there is such a thing. Autumn is the season of abundant harvest for agricultural and seafood products. This is why the Japanese folks look forward to this season as it is also known as the most delicious season for food.

In this article, we listed down the food you shouldn’t miss out during autumn.

(freshly harvested rice)

Photo Pixabay

Japanese rice is short grained and glutinous. When cooked, the rice becomes moist and fluffy. If you have already tried Japanese rice before, then you must definitely try these freshly harvested rice during autumn. During this season, rice planted from spring begins to be harvested by farmers throughout the country. The Japanese can attest that the taste of cooked
shinmai is better than the rice from other seasons.

(mackerel pike)

or mackerel pike is one of the seafood products we can enjoy to the fullest in autumn. It is often cooked fried or grilled with only salt as its seasoning. If you are a fan of fatty and savory fish, then you should head to any Japanese restaurant and try this. Or better yet, go to your nearby supermarket and cook it by yourself. This fish is surprisingly affordable and healthy.

Matsutake Mushroom

is one of Japan’s luxurious mushrooms. The price ranges from ¥10,000 up to ¥100,000 because of the unstable harvest conditions every year. The mushroom has a strong aroma that the Japanese believe helps stimulate the appetite.

(Japanese Persimmon)

The different seasons do not only offer various beautiful sceneries but also mouth-watering fruits. For autumn, you must try
kaki or Japanese persimmon. It has a nice crispy texture with the right amount of sweetness. These are definitely sold in any supermarket you walk in so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find one.


Photo Pixabay

When you are in town, you are bound to smell that pleasant roasted scent of
kuri or chestnut. During this season, it is nice to walk around and snack with roasted kuri. Sellers are usually right at the side of the streets so you can find them anywhere. Desserts made from chestnut is also something to look forward to in the fall!


(Ginkgo Nuts)

Photo iStock

or ginkgo nuts are mixed in chawanmushi, steamed rice, soup, or sometimes served as it is or as a tempura. This autumn, you should try this delicious nut with its soft and sticky texture with a hint of bitterness in its flavor.

Craving for these already? What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Japan this autumn and make sure to grab a bite of these yummy food.

 (3 October 2019)

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