You Can Visit These Weathering with You Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka Until November 17

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Weathering with You Cafe
OMOTESANDO BOX CAFE&SPACE B1/F Pine Under Flat, 5-13-2 Jingumae, Shibuya District, Tokyo
Open from October 8 to November 17
Shinsaibashi contact, 1-6-24 Kitahorie, West District, Osaka City, Osaka
Open from October 10 to November 17

In collaboration with the animated film
Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko), the Weathering with You Cafe will be open from October 8 to November 17 at OMOTESANDO BOX CAFE&SPACE in Tokyo and from October 10 to November 17 at Shinsaibashi contact in Osaka.

The Weathering with You pop-up cafe will open in Tokyo and Osaka.

After 34 days of screening and having over seven and a half million viewers,
Weathering with You garnered a whopping box-office revenue of ¥10,000,000,000. The cafe offers dishes that were featured in the film such as Hina’s homemade fried rice and Hodaka’s welcome party meal. Aside from that, they also have dishes that incorporate elements from the film like the teruteru bozu (a small handmade doll made of white paper or cloth used when praying for good weather) and Ame, the adorable stray cat. A wide variety of drinks and original cafe-limited goods are available too. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the cafe’s sumptuous dishes! Ready to dig in?

The Best Dinner I’ve Ever Had in My Life (¥1,590) is a specially made hamburger that appeared in the scene where the main characters met for the first time. 

Hodaka’s Welcome Party Set (¥1,590)

Hina’s Homemade Sesame Oil Scented Pea Sprouts and Potato Chip Fried Rice (¥1,490)

Teruteru Rice Omelet (¥1,490)

Hodaka’s Homemade Breakfast Set (¥1,390)

The pop-up cafe’s desserts and drinks are also carefully designed. 

The Sun is Coming Out Tiramisu (¥1,490) is a three-dimensional dish that replicates a cloud. 

Teruteru Bozu ala Mode (¥1,490)

The Secret of the World Acai Bowl (¥1,390) looks like a bird’s eye view of the earth.

Snowfall in Summer (¥1,090)

Dreamy Peach Soda (¥790)

Dreamy Green Apple Soda (¥790)

Skyfish Soda (¥990)

Ame’s Transformation Drink (¥1,090)

Iced Coffee the Way You Imagined (¥490)

Whirlwind Cloud Whipped Latte (¥990)

That Day’s Clear Sky (grapefruit flavor) (¥1,690)

That Day’s Sunset (cranberry flavor) (¥1,690)

Furthermore, those who made advanced reservations will receive a clear bromide card giveaway upon ordering food and a clear coaster upon ordering drinks (both of random design; one merchandise per menu item).

One thing’s for sure: You don’t have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy this cafe. Even regular customers who haven’t seen the film will definitely appreciate these IG-worthy food and drinks.


This is the clear bromide card given to those who have made advanced reservations. 

Raindrop Stickers (10 designs) (¥400)

Square Matte Tin Badges (10 designs) (¥500)

Acrylic Magnet (15 designs) (¥500)

Teruteru Bozu Memo Pad (¥800)

BIC Ballpoint Pen (2 designs) (¥500)

*The prices listed in the article are all tax-excluded unless stated otherwise. Some products may be subjected to the reduced tax rate and therefore may vary from the prices above.

© 2019 Tenki no Ko Production Committee

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (2 October 2019)

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