This Taiwanese Tea Shop in Tokyo Is Offering More Ways of Enjoying Tea

Their tea is extracted using an original tea press machine!

COMEBUYTEA Omotesando Store 
1/F Kiyohara Bldg., 4-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya District, Tokyo
Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
How to get there:  It’s a 3-minute walk from Subway Omotesando Station A2 Exit.

Taiwan is getting more and more attention from the world these days. In fact, the Taiwan-born tea brand
COMEBUYTEA just landed for the very first time in Japan. The COMEBUYTEA Omotesando Store opened in Omotesando late in September and offers exceptional tea extracted from their original tea press machine. This tea specialty store is remarkable because it can customize more than 300 kinds of tea. 

The Taiwan-born tea brand has landed in Japan!

This machine was originally developed by the store.

Tea brand COMEBUYTEA was born in Taiwan in 2016. It currently has 13 stores in six countries and regions across the globe. Its first store in Japan is the COMEBUYTEA Omotesando Store. Upon stepping inside, you’ll immediately be greeted by the fragrant tea aroma and hear the sound of steam as tea is extracted from the original tea press machine. The tea bartenders make use of carefully selected tea leaves and fresh juice from Taiwan when preparing the drinks. We invite you to visit the store and taste and experience the tea with all of your senses. 

OMEBUY offers fun discoveries and experiences for its customers.

The brand name COMEBUY is derived from the expression “Cheers” which is pronounced “Kanpai” in Taiwan. They believe that “If one comes to COMEBUYTEA, he/she will surely have a fun experience.”

The store only makes use of special tea leaves purchased from contracted farmers and selected by tea masters in Taiwan from various production sites around the world. Since the tea leaves are high-quality and have passed the German Tentamus test—the world’s highest standard—it can be enjoyed by both the children and the elderly. 

The Teapresso machine makes delicious tea.

The shop makes good use of their machines when making tea. The tea grinder crushes each tea leaf to an appropriate size, all while keeping the nutrition that can be extracted from the tea leaves intact. On the other hand, the Teapresso machine extracts the most delicious tea in about 60 seconds at the best-suited pressure and temperature depending on the type of tea leaf being used. Both the tea grinder and Teapresso machine are independently developed and patented by the store. 

Choose from different types of tea.

The tea bartender uses the Boston Shaker.


There are two types of COMEBUYTEA: the
CREATEA, which lets you add various toppings to tea, and the QUALITEA, which allows you to enjoy the original flavor of tea. CREATEA blends milk and fresh juice with base tea. If you add different toppings, you can come up with more than 300 customizations. The milk used in the drinks is domestic, while the fruit juice is fresh juice pressed from Taiwan’s contracted farmers. The shop also makes use of additive-free and color-free toppings such as taro, aloe, konjac, etc. These ingredients are then combined through the Boston shaker. As a result, the tea becomes more aromatic and deep-flavored. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (9 October 2019)

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