This Kyoto Chocolatery Sells Sweet Treats for Every Season

The designs on the chocolates are individually hand-drawn!

SAISON DE SETSUKO Kyoto Chocolatery
1-292 Shimohakusan-cho, Sanjoagaru, Fuyachodori, Nakagyo District, Kyoto
Open from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (café is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) daily.

A renovated Kyomachiya retaining its Japanese atmosphere

SAISON DE SETSUKO Kyoto Chocolatery is one of the brands under Mary’s Chocolate. A Kyomachiya or Kyoto merchant’s house was renovated with the concept of bringing a new chocolate experience to Kyoto. The space was designed by Eriko Horiki, a washi designer. The essence of a traditional Kyomachiya was retained.

The renovated Kyomachiya SAISON DE SETSUKO Kyoto Chocolatery

The chocolate shop on the first floor opened last October 7. There are many chocolates that express the beautiful Japanese SHIKI. SHIKI each expresses season (shiki), color (shiki), and beauty of form (shiki). There’s also a café where you can enjoy new chocolate experiences that opened last October 29.

A peek at the chocolate shop. 

Chocolate of the Season carefully drawn by hand

Chocolate of the Season has seasonal features each carefully drawn by a chocolatier. They are ¥324 each, and you can select your favorite flavors to be included in a presentation box. They come in three pieces (¥972) and four pieces (¥1,296).

The products of Chocolate of the Season change per season. 

Bamboo forest, Maiko, and Five-story Pagoda are limited to this store. Since they are hand-drawn, the expressions of the faces are slightly different. If you look closely, there are Maikos with closed eyes. There are no two chocolates exactly alike.

The Melody of Chocolate has small pieces of chocolate with seasonal flavors, strawberry, and matcha. You can choose from a variety of boxes between nine pieces to 30 pieces. Each piece looks very cute. There are flavors limited to each season, such as cherry blossom, lemon, and Japanese sweet potato.

Melody of Chocolate (30 pieces for ¥3,240)

Enjoy the atmosphere of Kyomachiya and chocolate

At the farthest end of the first and second floor, you’ll find the café spaces. They’re spaces that combine the atmosphere of creation washi that Eriko Horiki produced and the atmosphere of Kyomachiya. There is a spot garden on the first floor where you can get the feeling of Kyoto’s vibe.

The café space with a spot garden on the first floor.

A relaxing Japanese space with lattice and washi.

A table of light with washi on the second floor which serves as a seat as well.

Enjoy Chasen Chocolate like you’re making matcha


If you’re stopping by the cafe, you must try the Chasen Chocolate. There are two types: chocolate and matcha. You pour warm milk into cracked chocolate and you make a chocolate drink for yourself using a
chasen (bamboo whisk).

Chasen Chocolate Matcha (¥1,540)

You make the drink as you would matcha, mixing the drink with a whisk. Since there are chocolate and milk for two cups, you can enjoy it plain and then try it with toppings such as yuzu and black sugar sauce after.

Use a chasen to mix it like when making matcha

Enjoy the changing flavors by trying toppings such as yuzu, black sugar sauce, and toasted soybean flour

Chocolate Fondue with a delicious aroma

The Chocolate Fondue is perfect for those who truly want to enjoy the aroma of chocolate. You dip seasonal fruits and baked sweets in melted ganache chocolate. You can even have coffee or roasted green tea (both hot or ice) as it comes as a set.

Chocolate Fondue (drink set ¥1,760)

There is a generous serving of ganache chocolate in the bowl. You’ll have enough even if you dip a lot.

Rich and smooth Chocolate Terrine

This flourless chocolate dessert only uses chocolate, butter made in Hokkaido, egg, and sugar. The rich taste of the Chocolate Terrine is an irresistible flavor for chocolate lovers. There are two types you can try: chocolate and Uji matcha, which are also available in the shop.

Chocolate Terrine Chocolate (drink set ¥1,210)

Try mixing the topping to create your own unique flavor.

Top it with fresh cream, yuzu and dry raspberries if you wish.

Want to share the delicious chocolate with family and friends? Take home a box or two as the cute chocolate would also make perfect gifts. Experience SHIKI in Kyoto by visiting this chocolatery in Kyoto, where Japanese traditions take root.

Provided by Japan Walker™
, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (29 October 2019)

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