These Are the Best Pasalubong Treats in Fukuoka

Their rice crackers have eyes.

You can’t go to Japan and not try their snacks. Although you can get delectable treats in every part of the country, there are five highly recommended products that you can only get at Fukuoka. Check them out below!

Niwaka Senpei from Niwaka Senpei Hompo Toundo

(prices depend on types and sizes)

Nikawa Senpei is a cute droopy-eyed souvenir from Fukuoka. This rice cracker is a famous memento that represents Hakata, as it was modeled after a local arts performance called Hakata Niwaka. This product is popular because they have various expressions printed on senbei. You can actually put it on your face and make people laugh! Made from Kyushu’s quality flour, the rice cracker has a crispy texture and simple taste that you’ll never get tired of. It comes in individual packages so you can easily give each of your friends this delightful treat.

Hakata Marron from Akai Fusen

Stuffed with sweet chestnut paste, the Hakata Marron is a bite-sized treat that’s easy to eat. To create it, Japanese chestnuts are slowly boiled to produce marron glace. Then, they are finely crushed and combined with bean paste. With a flavorful mix of Marron bean paste and richly scented butter from Financier, this tightly packed treat is sure to be your next favorite snack! Get a hold of the Hakata Marron for ¥605 for 8 pieces!    

Hakata no Ishidatami from Chocolate Shop

Priced at ¥1,620 for 20 pieces, Hakata no Ishidatami is the signature product of Chocolate Shop, which was founded in 1942.  This nama chocolate (raw chocolate) has high moisture content that melts at body temperature. What’s great about this chocolate is that it’s rich, smooth, sweet, but not sticky, and goes perfectly well with coffee or wine.

Hakata Torimon from Meigetsudo

The Hakata Torimon is a bunch of wrapped buttery white bean paste with mouthwatering milk flavor and moist coating. The product has won the gold medal at the Monde Selection, an internationally acclaimed food contest, for 17 consecutive years. You can purchase the Hakata Torimon at ¥560 for five pieces and ¥4,720 for 40 pieces.  

Hakata no Hito from Nikakudou

A classic Hakata souvenir, the Hakata no Hito is a small baumkuchen with sweet red bean jelly paste inside. This treat was created in 1972 and has consistently been a best-selling item for 45 years. It has the simple flavor of an egg baumkuchen with a soft and moist texture. The Hakata no Hito is sold at ¥329 for six pieces and ¥2,160 for 40 pieces. Hakata no Hito Amaou Strawberry Milk Taste is also available. The white bean paste-based milk jelly blended with Amaou strawberry baumkuchen is absolutely delicious. You can get it at ¥562 for 10 pieces and ¥1,123 for 20 pieces.  

All the sweet treats are available in Hakata City.

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Kyushu Walker™ (10 August 2017)

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