These Holiday Dishes from Ito Yokado Will Turn Your Christmas Dinner Into a Feast

Choose from colorful cakes and appetizers!

Christmas is the time of the year for gathering around a dinner table with your loved ones. The main dishes and cakes are usually carefully chosen and prepared for this special dinner much like our Pinoy Noche Buena. At Ito Yokado, you can find about 60 kinds of Christmas cakes, in various flavors and sizes, as well as delicious chicken and sushi to serve your guests. 

In this article, we introduce the recommended Christmas cakes and food menus this holiday season. 

Hotel Okura Supervised Pair Noel

Hotel Okura Supervised Pair Noel 

Hotel Okura Supervised Pair Noel (¥4,800) is perfect for two to three people. It is a set of eight-centimeter large Christmas cakes that come in Christmas colors. These were specially made by Hotel Okura for this Christmas season. Both the rich pistachio cake and bright red mousse berry cake will be a charming addition to your Christmas dinner.   

Hotel Okura Supervised Dinner Set 

The special dinner set consists of five different dishes. 

With the
Hotel Okura Supervised Dinner Set (¥5,980), you won’t need to think about what you’re going to serve since this includes all the dishes you’ll want in a Christmas dinner—from appetizers to desserts. 

The appetizer is smoked salmon (110g) and the three main dishes are penne gratin (200gx2), demi-glace sauce Hamburg steak (128gx2), and roasted chicken (185gx2). Meanwhile, the dessert is Caramel Double Nut Chocolate Christmas Cake.

Bistro Egalite Chef Tanaka Supervised Noel Lease

Bistro Egalite Chef Tanaka Supervised Noel Lease (¥4,800) is a Christmas Lease motif cake with chocolate reindeer on top.

For those who are looking for a cake that doesn’t only taste good, but looks good as well, the
Bistro Egalite Chef Tanaka Supervised Noel Lease (¥4,800) is perfect. Chef Tanaka Yuichi of Bistro Egalite, a popular French restaurant, created this stylish cake. The dacquoise cake is layered with chocolate and raspberry mousse and drizzled with pistachio cream for rich flavor. Aside from that, reindeer and snowflake-shaped chocolate top this cake. 

Gateau Fraise 

The Gateau Fraise will fill your mouth with the sweet and sourness of strawberries. The photo shows a size 6 cake.

Gateau Fraise
(Size 4 / ¥2,700, Size 5 / ¥3,500, Size 6 / ¥4,000) is a classic Christmas cake that’s chock-full of fresh cream and bright red strawberries. Plenty of eggs are used to create the fluffy sponge cake to match the strawberries and fresh melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream. You can also choose from three different sizes when ordering: Size 4 is 13cm, Size 5 is 15cm, and Size 6 is 18cm large.


Clione Zaku Zaku Blonde Chocolat 

Clione Zaku Zaku Blonde Chocolat has an elegant sweetness and plenty of nuts. The photo shows a Size 5 cake.

Clione Zaku Zaku Blonde Chocolat (Size 4 / ¥2,700, Size 5 / ¥3,700) is a mix of white chocolate and fresh cream. Plenty of almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts top this mousse cake. You can also choose from two sizes when ordering: Size 4 is 12cm while Size 5 is 15cm large. 

Chef Akimoto Sakura Supervised Amuse Hors d’Oeuvre 

Chef Akimoto Sakura’s Amuse Hors d’Oeuvre (¥15,800)

Chef Akimoto Sakura
used to be a flight attendant and is now a chef at Morceau, a French restaurant. She frequently appears on TV and has since become more and more famous. Her hors d'oeuvre set, consisting of smoked scallop, roast beef, and herb chicken cheese quiche, is great with alcoholic drinks. It also comes with three kinds of sauces—basil sauce, which highlights the salmon flavor, granvian sauce, which is perfect for the roast beef, and mushroom sauce, which matches the scallop shells. 

Enjoy together SUSHI Selection

Enjoy together SUSHI Selection is great for three to four people.

While Western-style dishes are classic as Christmas menus, sushi can easily be a dish at a Christmas party as well.
Enjoy together SUSHI Selection (¥2,800) includes various sushi like tuna, red snapper, scallop, salmon rolls, and heart-shaped tuna rolls. The rolls are arranged in the dish in such a way that they resemble colorful Christmas decorations. 

Christmas Chicken Barrel 

The photo shows the Christmas Chicken Barrel L. The Christmas Chicken Barrel, good for two to three people, is also available. 

If you’re going to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, having a
Christmas Chicken Barrel (for 2 to 3 / ¥1,000, for 3 to 4 / ¥2,000) on your dinner table will make it more complete. In addition to boneless fried chicken, chicken nuggets are included in the Christmas Chicken Barrel for 2 to 3 people. Meanwhile, basil potatoes are included in the Christmas Chicken Barrel L for 3 to 4 people. The tub itself has a Christmas design, making it the perfect addition to Christmas parties. 

You can make reservations for these Christmas menus at Ito Yokado stores and Omni 7, the official online shopping site. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (18 November 2019)

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