Snag Tully’s Coffee’s 2020 Happy Bag to Celebrate the New Year

The bag filled with goodies for any coffee lover is made in collaboration with apparel brand Onward.

The 2020 HAPPY BAG of major café chain store Tully’s Coffee will be available starting January 1, 2020. There will be limited numbers available in each store, and pre-orders started last December 2. There are 3 types: ¥3,500, ¥5,000, and ¥10,000. Each one has limited products that can only be available in this lucky bag such as beans, a mini teddy bear with the motif of the year’s animal symbol, and a drink ticket that can be used by June 2020. The bag is made in collaboration with apparel brand Onward.

A lucky bag with limited beans and drink tickets in the bag made in collaboration with apparel brand Onward.

The bicolor-designed tote bag in collaboration with Onward has a simple shape, but is functional with pockets inside and outside of the bag, and a holder for a tumbler. Not only can you enjoy the products found in the lucky bag, but the fact that you can also carry it around for daily use is why it’s popular.

Here are the products in each of the 3 lucky bags. The ¥3,500 lucky bag is a set that includes beans made in
Columbia, café latte candy in a can with a latte art design, Animal Symbol Mini Teddy, and 5 drink tickets. 2 types of bags are available: Gray×Magenta and Olive×Gold. The cute Animal Symbol Mini Teddy has a mouse mask on its head in tribute to next year’s animal symbol. Since 1 of the 2 types will be included, you won’t know which one you’ll get until you open it.

The products included in the 3 popular lucky bags that will be sold out are introduced. Limited stuffed animal Animal Symbol Mini Teddy is also included

2 colors are available for the ¥3,500 lucky bag. Animal Symbol Mini Teddy with a mouse mask is included.

It’s the first time that the ¥5,000 lucky bag, with 2 kinds of beans made in Columbia and
Brazil, single serve that can be easily enjoyed, 8 drink tickets, and a special version of the original stuffed bear Bearful(R) wearing a mantle Bearful(R) Mantle, is available. This also has 2 types, and either one of them will be included.

An original stuffed animal Bearful(R) Mantle is included in the ¥5,000 lucky bag for the first time.

The ¥10,000 lucky bag contains 5 kinds of beans including those made in
Burundi, which is available at Tully’s Coffee for the first time, a stainless bottle useful for carrying coffee, honey that can be used in various ways, and 20 drink tickets. It’s a set that’s curated for those who deeply enjoy the taste of selected beans, so it is recommended for coffee lovers.


The ¥10,000 lucky bag has gorgeous items that will help you deeply enjoy the taste of selected beans.

Don’t miss the
2020 HAPPY BAG NEW YEAR CARD that comes with the drink tickets, which allows you to play fortune telling or download wallpaper with limited designs by reading the QR code. If you get the 2020 HAPPY BAG, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your café time at home even more. Visit a Tully’s store nearby if you’re interested.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM, (5 December 2019)

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