These Holiday Sweets From Lawson Are Here to Satisfy Your Cravings

They're only sold at a limited time only!

As the demand for sweets rapidly increase during the New Year holidays,
Lawson released their winter version of the popular original sweets last year. Starting December 22, a total of eight products including Snow Baschee topped with whipped cream that will remind you of winter landscapes, Snow Hoboclim, and parfait with an interesting texture. This will be the first time Baschee, last year’s hit product selling a total of 32 million pieces, will be renewed. It is improved and made easier to eat by revising the formulation and its baking method. So, don’t miss out and get your hands on the new Baschee desert until January 13!

2019’s hit dessert
Baschee Basque-style Cheesecake renewed.

Lawson released many sweets last 2019 starting with Baschee in March, followed by the crunchy
Zakshu, the mochi-like cheesecake Mocheese, and the “almost choux cream” Hoboclim. With a total of 24 different products, sales exceeded 58 million pieces. The CUPKE series where traditional sweets turned into little cakes in cup sold more than 7.7 million pieces, while the Doramotchi series with its chewy dough sold more than 13 million pieces. One hit producer after another were thrown in the fiercely competitive business of convenience store sweets. 

Special Baschee
that you can only buy this season! Topped with fluffy whipped cream.

The newly formulated
Baschee (¥215) has more pure Hokkaido fresh cream and egg yolk which makes the flavor richer. Moreover, upon revising the mixture of ingredients and baking techniques, the thickness of its burnt caramel surface was lessened. The new and better-tasting, easy to eat Baschee will certainly stay at the top as a popular choice. Alongside the regular version, the Snow Baschee (¥380) was sold last December 22 and December 25 to January 13. This one has fluffy cheese cream and roast almonds as toppings which has contrasting textures and flavors you would definitely enjoy.

Snow Hoboclim
(mixed strawberries) “almost choux cream,” a winter edition of the Hoboclim that sold more than 3.3 million pieces.

Enjoy the different textures of
Zakuzaku Chocolate Parfait.

Fresh cream-filled roll
Kouhaku Mini Mochi Shokkan Roll Cake.

One whole pack of pudding on this
Pururun Marugoto Pudding Parfait.

Other new releases include
Snow Hoboclim Mixed Strawberries (¥245), which has a super-thin choux cream dough filled with strawberries and cream, Zakuzaku Chocolate Parfait (¥380) with its crunchy and crispy textures, Kouhaku Mini Mochi Shokkan Roll Cake (three pieces for ¥430) that matches the red and white theme of the Japanese New Year, Pururun Marugoto Pudding Parfait (¥380) with the perfect combination of custard mousse and milk mousse and pudding, and the fun-sized Mini Strawberry Whole Cake (¥550). During the New Year holidays, have a blissful cafe time on your own or with friends to enjoy popular and limited edition sweets from Lawson.


Mini Strawberry Whole Cake

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (16 December 2019)

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