THE ALLEY Released a New Flavor to Celebrate the Opening of Its New Branch in Shibuya

It's a perfect match to your tea.

The popular milk tea brand THE ALLEY
 recently opened its new store at the 7F of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya. To commemorate the new store opening, they have released a new flavor of their popular dessert MUFFIN LULU on the menu. The Berry and White Chocolate flavor can be enjoyed with tea.

A new store of THE ALLEY opens in Tokyu Plaza Shibuya!

THE ALLEY is an authentic tea stand from Taiwan and one of the most popular tapioca stores to open in Japan first landing in 2017. The tapioca flavors such as
the Brown Sugar Tapioca series, BONSAI Garden Tapioca Milk Tea, and Aurora drink series became a favorite among milk tea fans.

Currently, they have more than 20 stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo, Kansai, Fukuoka, Nagoya, etc. They also have stores at hot spots such as
COREDO Muromachi Terrace and Yokohama Hammerhead that just opened last year.

Brown Sugar Tapioca series using tapioca stewed with brown sugar syrup from Okinawa

The newly opened store is in
Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, which reopened last December. This building was built in the west exit area of ​​Shibuya Station under the concept of "For adults to enjoy Shibuya" in the renewal around Shibuya Station, which is said to occur once in 100 years.

A grand opening of the new Tokyu Plaza Shibuya in the commercial facility zone of
Shibuya Fukuras.

THE ALLEY has a strong reputation for tapioca and tea, but in fact, there are abundant light snacks and dessert available here. In addition to
Tea Leaf Salad that makes use of selected tea leaves, the Grilled Bao food menu is baked in the shop, and muffin as desserts are also quite popular. You can also enjoy Muffin Lulu, a steamy soy muffin with just a hint of sweetness from its natural ingredients and a tender texture, and Baked Bar Muffin that’s made with Royal No. 9 tea leaves resulting in a delicious aroma and light texture.

There are also light meal menus such as colorful salads and Grilled Bao featuring plump dough.

Berry and White Chocolate Muffin Lulu

To celebrate the opening of this new store, a new flavor
Berry and White Chocolate Muffin Lulu (¥320) has been released in all stores beginning December 5. It features a gentle taste of luxuriously kneaded sweet white chocolate and sour cranberry into the dough using soy milk. A cute white and pink muffin with a slightly sweet and sour taste will grab your heart.


After enjoying shopping at Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, refresh yourself with a drink and something new from the menu such as the special flavor of muffins from THE ALLEY.

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (9 December 2019)

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