This Milk Bread From Tokyo Is So Good, It Melts in Your Mouth

People are lining up in Adachi to get a taste.

Gyunyu Shokupan Senmonten Milk
2-7-1 Sano, Adachi District, Tokyo
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (*ends when sold out) except on Wednesdays.

Specialty stores selling sliced bread have become increasingly popular recently. There are many popular stores that sell unique sliced bread, and many people wait in line to buy them. Following this bread trend, the first sliced milk bread specialty store in
Japan called Gyunyu Shokupan Senmonten Milk opened in Adachi District, Tokyo last January 18. The rich milk sliced bread that uses only milk and no water was made possible because it was created in a milk store.

The first sliced milk bread specialty store in Japan opened in Adachi District.

What is Tokyo Milk Shokupan (sliced bread) that a milk store makes?

Gyunyu Shokupan Senmonten Milk is a sliced bread specialty store run by the traditional milk store
Kaneko Nyugyo in Adachi District, Tokyo. With the hope that customers would start the day more comfortably through breakfast, they opened a specialty store of sliced bread, which is essential for breakfast along with milk.

Plenty of fresh cream is used, and condensed milk is added as an accent to make it rich.

Water is used in normal bread, but the bread this store produces uses only milk. Because of this, they succeeded in making it delicious to the fullest even when eaten without toasting. Special rich milk is used, and it has a sweet and rich scent and taste. The inside is soft and chewy when you slice into the freshly baked milk bread. The crust of the bread is also tasty and richly melts in your mouth.

Enjoying it with jam and milk is recommended.

Tokyo Milk Shokupan (¥800), which is tasty by itself, and
Gyunyu yasan no oishii Shokupan (Milk Store’s Tasty Sliced Bread) (¥600), which is perfect for a toast, are available at the store. You may eat them plain, or with butter, jam, and cream cheese that goes well with milk. The possibilities are endless when you are able to try many kinds of combinations.

Not only bread! Ice cream and rusks are available, too.

There are many options on the menu other than bread.
Tokyo Milk Soft (¥200), which uses original rich milk, is a kind of ice cream that is enjoyed by people of all ages from children to the elderly. There are also items in the lineup that will make you stop by the store such as Milk Nama (raw) Rusk (¥200) and Sugar Rusk (¥200). These were created from the wish to build a bakery where families and the community they live in will have a comfortable relationship with each other.


The inside is soft and chewy when you slice the freshly baked milk bread.

The bread of Gyunyu Shokupan Senmonten Milk is more delicious if you eat it with milk that the store is proud of. Try the original bread that could only be made in a traditional milk shop. You won’t regret it.

Provided by Japan WalkerTM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (17 January 2020)

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