You Need to Try This Limited Edition Spring Treat If You Love Tokyo Banana and Sugar Butter Tree

You can only buy it until mid-April.

Spring season is here and there’s something new to look forward to from the company that brought us popular brands such as Tokyo Banana
 and Sugar Butter Tree. The Baumkuchen brand Nenrinya of Grapestone Co. Ltd. has launched their annual spring limited product, Sakura no Kuni no Mount Baum. It is available from February 19 to mid-April and will be sold at Nenrinya branches nationwide.

Sakura no Kuni no Mount Baum
(from ¥700/box).

Nenrinya is a Japanese-born Baumkuchen specialty store that has gained popularity as a souvenir of Tokyo. They have two main products with that unique texture. The
Mount Baum Shikkarime is characterized by rich buttery dough that is savory outside and moist inside, while the Straight balm Yawarakame has a plump texture like Castella that matches the Japanese flavor. Sakura no Kuni no Mount Baum, which is sold by this brand only in springtime, is a popular item with many fans waiting to buy it every year. With the theme of “Pleasure to live in the country of cherry blossoms” in the spring season, you can enjoy the taste and fragrance of beautiful cherry blossoms in pale pink Baumkuchen.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms flavored Baumkuchen only in this season!

Nenrinya's masterpiece Mount Baum Shikkarime is a baked and moist cake that has melted syrup with fragrant cherry blossoms. This product has a delicate and gentle cherry blossom flavor that permeates your mouth as soon as you eat it. The lovely pink appearance and the elegant flavor make it one piece that instantly gives you the feeling of spring.

The limited package design under the theme of "Memories of cherry blossom country"

The specially designed package, designed to show cherry blossom petals dancing on a sunny spring day, is perfect for a gift for the spring season. Get your hands on Nenrinya’s limited Baumkuchen and enjoy its delicious taste while you can.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (21 February 2020)

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