A World-Famous Pastry Chef Created These Delectable Lemon Pastries

They're best enjoyed with the store's signature drink.

World-famous pastry chef
Hironobu Tsujiguchi has collaborated with the shop LEMONADE by Lemonica to make these two pastries—best enjoyed with their original lemonade drink. Offering some of LEMONADE by Lemonica’s thirty branches nationwide, the creation of the Lemon Cake (¥320/piece) and Lemonade Cookie (¥800 for 5 pieces) is supervised by the pastry chef himself.

Both the Lemon Cake and the Lemon Cookie burst in lemon flavors.

The lemonade specialty store LEMONADE by Lemonica started back in 2016 in the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. They have expanded mostly in the metropolitan area and this year, they have opened their first overseas branch in San Francisco, California. They take pride in their offering of over twenty original lemonade menu variations such as the
Soda Lemonade, which is a refreshing combination of soda and lemon, Lemopina that is a combination of soda and frozen lemonade, an original invention of a Japanese famous screenwriter, Kundo Koyama, Sun x Sun Lemonade which has three times the amount of lemon. 

They serve only natural and fresh lemonade with the use of organic lemons that were carefully selected from different parts of the world. They also have discovered their original method of extracting the lemon juice without squeezing or heating it.

Take your pick from more than twenty lemonade variations!

These sweets made by the world-renowned pastry chef, Tsujiguchi, were created to complement their original lemonade drink. Chef Tsujiguchi has personally created the Lemon Cake at his very own Mont St. Clair pastry shop, coming up with a flavor that highlights the lemon’s tart taste and a texture that mimics what it’s like to bite a fresh lemon wedge. The Lemonade Cookie bursts with the taste of creamy butter combined with the sweet-sour flavor of lemon. They come in a stunning packaging with drawings of lemon making it a perfect little gift for someone.

Created by the world-famous pastry chef, Hironobu Tsujiguchi.

Lemon Cookies put in a small box makes a cute gift!

Enjoy the blissful combo of lemon sweets made by a skilled pastry chef with your freshly made lemonade!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (21 February 2020)

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