This Is What Mochi Would Taste Like If It Came in Drink Form

It's made with sticky rice from Iga in Mie Prefecture.

1/F Nakameguro Crossover, 2-9-17 Kamimeguro, Meguro District, Tokyo
Contact: +81-80-4941-1192
Open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
How to get there: It’s a 4-minute walk from Nakameguro Station via the Tokyu Toyoko Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

A new type of smoothie “
Rice Smoothie” using sticky rice.

When you hear of the city
Iga in Mie Prefectureninjas probably come to mind. But this city is also abundant in nature spots and known for various ingredients such as sticky rice and Basho Konnyaku (konjac) which is named after Basho Matsuo (a Japanese famous Haiku poet). They have created a new kind of drink and food using these ingredients. They’re called Iga Rice Smoothie and Namamochi Purin (pudding). They will be available at Nakameguro’s new spot OPEN NAKAMEGURO for a limited period beginning last March 9.

Iga Rice Smoothie like a mochi drink

Thick and sticky like a mochi!

The Iga Rice Smoothie is a new kind of smoothie using sticky rice from Iga.
Hyourougan, which is a famous snack among ninjas, is a rolled supplement with highly nutritious Chinese medicine and ingredients. But with just a hint of this, the result was more absorbent, resulting in a melty and sticky smoothie that is almost like mochi.

Iga Rice Smoothie - Plain

The smoothie made by soaking rice in milk and boiling it has a soft sweetness using sugar cane. Other than Plain (¥500), there are 3 flavors in all including spinach and banana (¥550 each). Since about 75 g of rice is used in 1 cup, it’s quite filling and it may be an alternative breakfast or lunch.

Iga Rice Smoothie - Spinach

Iga Rice Smoothie - Banana

A sweet with konjac Namamochi Purin (pudding)

Unique stickiness that you will be addicted to Namamochi Purin

Another new kind of sweets called
Namamochi Purin (¥350) is also available. This is also made with sticky rice from Iga, and there are cut konjac inside. Basho Konjac, which is a specialty of Iga’s hot spring Oyamada, is used. It was named after Basho Matsuo who was born in Iga, Mie and loved konjac.

It has konjac in it and its texture is interesting.

Namamochi Purin, which has a spongy texture of konjac as an accent, has the texture of mochi and a mild sweetness to it.

Complex-type platform space called OPEN NAKAMEGURO

is a new spot with the concept of an open place without any borders to anyone. Functioning as a café, it also has a space available for rent to use it for a small party or personal exhibits.


Original blend coffee beans developed with a coffee bean roaster are used.

Original blend coffee beans developed with a coffee roaster are used in the items on the café menu. Richly extracted special Espresso (¥370) and Café Latte (¥450) using it are recommended. Non-coffee drinks are also available such as Homemade Lemonade (¥500) and Ginger Ale (¥500).

There are counter seats with plugs, and you may use it as a co-working space.

*Prices in this article are tax excluded unless otherwise stated. Some products and services are subject to reduced tax rates, therefore might differ from the listed price.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (7 March 2020)

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