People Are Lining Up for This Fish-Shaped Japanese Waffle in Suzuka City

Only two are baked at a time in a pressurized hand-bake oven.

Nipponichitaiyaki - Suzuka Interchange Branch
1893-17 Nagasawacho, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture
Contact: +81-59-344-7330
Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (or earlier once sold-out). Closed on Mondays (the next day if Monday is a Japanese holiday).

As the days get warmer and spring time has come, people are looking forward to being outdoors even if it's just for a quick bite to eat. We’ve teamed up for the first time with
Nagoreco (short for Nagoyameshi Recommend), an online publication that provides reviews mainly on restaurants in the Nagoya area.

is a fish-shaped Japanese waffle that is commonly filled with red bean paste. Apparently, there are two ways of making the taiyaki: the yoshoku-taiyaki, which translates to ‘cultivated’ and the tennen-taiyaki which translates to ‘natural.’ The yoshoku-taiyaki is the procedure of cooking 6 to 10 pieces at once, while the tennen-taiyaki is the careful cooking of just 1 to 2 pieces at a time.

It is said that taiyaki has been eaten since the Meiji period, but these two ways of cooking were identified just recently. Its shape hasn’t changed ever since but is still evolving now and is loved by many. You’ll probably even recognize it when you see it.

This time, the Nagoreco team visited the Suzuka City (Mie Prefecture) branch of the popular taiyaki chain that is popular all over Japan.

opened its 29th branch in Suzuka Interchange which is close by the exit of Suzuka IC last February 15.

Nipponichitaiyaki Suzuka Interchange Branch has a welcoming atmosphere.

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the store is a gentle sweet scent that greets you as soon as the doors open. You’ll get excited just by the aroma.

People are lining already like it hasn’t opened just recently, which means it’s gained popularity since it launched.

People line up to buy the tennen-taiyaki.

The oven of Nipponichitaiyaki is for tennen-taiyaki. It is a full-scale pressurized hand-bake oven made with a mold that can only bake 2 pieces at a time.

Pressurized hand-bake oven specialized for Nipponichitaiyaki. They are baked by adjusting so that they are cooked just right.

Although it takes time and effort, there is a texture that can only be made with this oven, and it is one of the secrets to the deliciousness of Nipponichitaiyaki.

Only people who passed the qualification test may bake them, and mastered skills are handed down that make the fresh taiyaki. Talk about quality!


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s try them.

This is the main product
Taiyaki Azukian (¥170).

Carefully baked Taiyaki Azukian.

This heavily-filled taiyaki has a thin skin, so you can see the red bean paste inside. It is crunchy and a blissful aroma escapes once you bite into it. The secret to the crunchy dough is preparing it the day before and aging it for 1 day. A bite can make the homemade red bean paste come out. 

It is full of red bean paste inside.

It has a mild sweetness and you won’t be able to stop once you take a bite.

The red bean paste is made only with sugar and the original red bean paste from a confectionery maker from Fukuoka named
Nikakudo that uses selected red beans from Hokkaido. The red bean paste was crafted with 50 years of work. It is truly a masterpiece that is one of a kind.

Red bean paste is filled up to the tail.

We also tried the
Taiyaki Shiroan (¥170) which is filled with white bean paste. This has a mild sweetness which was very good.

Other variations are also available such as custard and Anno sweet potato.

The peppy staff makes the shop’s atmosphere lively and energetic. The taiyaki is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before and will definitely make you keep coming back for more.

*Prices in this article are tax excluded unless otherwise stated. Some products and services are subject to reduced tax rates, therefore might differ from the listed price.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokai WalkerTM (16 March 2020)


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