You Can Get Freshly Baked Breads Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Their breads come from different bakeries all over Japan.

It has been a week since Japan has declared a
state of emergency where people are urged to stay at home. Even if we want to cook something delish, sometimes just going out to the grocery can make us feel uneasy. No wonder food delivery services are so in demand nowadays. Along with other food delivery services, Pansuku continues to deliver bread to homes all over Japan.

Pansuku, a bread subscription service.

For ¥3,700 a month, Pansuku delivers a box of 6 to 10 pieces of best selling bread from bakeries around Japan once a month. From a plain loaf of bread to other varieties of bread inside the box. People can not only enjoy delicious bread inside their homes, but they can also try bread from shops they have never gone to. Other than the usual bakery you frequently visit nearby, Pansuku’s breads inside their boxes come from different bakeries around Japan.

The box also includes an introduction card from the bakery.

Okinawa in the south to Yamagata in the north, there are currently ten affiliated bakeries. It is expected for the number to increase soon. You wouldn’t know from which bakery or what bread is inside the box so that’s something to look forward to with each box.

They freeze the bread to keep its freshness. But when people hear about “frozen bread,” it gives them an image that there’s no way it will taste good. That is why Pansuku developed its original technology to keep the flavor and aroma of the bread despite being frozen to preserve its freshness. And the best part is, the delivered bread can last up to a month. 

Enjoy freshly baked bread in your home!

For Japan residents who are interested in this kind of service, the first delivery will be two weeks from registration. You can also skip a month if you don’t feel like having bread on that certain month, or you can start trying one delivery first. If you’re a bread lover, this is your chance to enjoy bread from different parts of Japan.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (05 April 2020)

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