This Stay at Home Kit Is Perfect for Salmon Lovers

Enjoy yamame without leaving the house.

Due to the
declaration of state of emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19, Smolt Co., Ltd. has started accepting orders of Yamame Stay At Home Kit (¥3,000 delivery fee included). Designed for families with children, the kit contains masu salmon (yamame) cultivated by the company. You can grill it and enjoy an outdoor activity at home while also giving your kids a learning experience.

masu salmon with the newly released Yamame Stay At Home Kit

Smolt Co., Ltd.
is a university-launched venture company established with the concept of “building a sustainable relationship between marine resources and the fishing industry.” Their projects include complete aquaculture of cherry salmon and salmon roe production. The Yamame Stay At Home Kit was created to help families with children make the most of the extra time they now have due to school closures.

Have fried
masu salmon on skewers at home and feel like you are on a camping trip

This kit, which allows you to enjoy outdoor activities like frying fish on skewers, is not only fun but is also made to give you a learning and creative experience. Moreover, it has educational content about the ecology of
masu salmon and cherry salmon, including how they are cultivated.

Learn about how masu salmon grows into a cherry salmon

First, read the attached brochure and learn about
masu salmon. Then, enjoy the eating part using your five senses. Hold the fish, fry it by yourself, listen to the crisp sound, and savor the aroma it produces as it cooks. Observe how the appearance changes while grilling and finally, pay attention to its mouthfeel and taste its flavors. There is also a paper craft fish in the package which shows the developmental stages of the masu salmon, turning to a smolted masu salmon, to a cherry salmon. Try your hand at creating art after eating and display the finished product  in your room.

Paper craft fish that you can use as decoration

masu salmon cultivated in the clear waters of Gokase River in Miyazaki Prefecture has a mild flavor that children can eat easily. Get the Yamame Stay At Home Kit now that you are spending a lot of time with your children and enjoy an outdoor event at home.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (15 April 2020)

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