You Can Still Have a Taste of This Season’s Strawberries at Home

They are sold online at ¥800 per kilogram

As COVID-19 is affecting businesses, big and small, across various industries, strawberry picking in its best season is no exception among ones suffering.
Aiba Strawberry Farm in Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture started selling frozen strawberries in individual packages to decrease the amount of inventory loss. The tweet they made last April 7 got more than 30,000 likes.

Aiba Strawberry Farm
Contact: +81-90-8046-0015 (Strawberry picking) and +81-475-82-7034 (Direct Sales Store). 

This farm started selling frozen strawberries online to overcome this difficulty.

This season is the best time to go strawberry picking especially from March to Golden week. You can pick and enjoy fresh strawberries that are best from winter to spring with your own hands. This is usually the time of the year when many groups of people, like families and friends, visit the farm for the activity. But since people are told to stay at home by the government beginning late March, the number of visitors have greatly decreased. Although Aiba Strawberry Farm continues its business, opening the farm with alcoholic disinfectants ready, the number of visitors dropped to 10% of the usual years.

“We have to keep on picking the strawberries to keep them in good condition because the strawberry trees become bad when berries are left on them. If this situation continues, strawberries can rot, and we will have to throw them away. This is why we have decided to freeze strawberries left unsold and those for picking,” says farm owner
Aiba Hideki. This farm usually sells them for wholesale, but since this became difficult due to the government’s request, they came up with selling online for individual packages.

18 kinds including rare ones are produced in this farm.

“After posting a tweet on Twitter, we got many replies and orders from Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama. We freeze freshly picked strawberries right away, so the taste is the same. We hope many people will enjoy the strawberries in their best season and visit our farm after this situation settles down, next year or the year after that,” Aiba also said. About 100 kg of strawberries are picked every day at this farm and they are planning to continue making frozen strawberries, homemade jam, and gelato to sell online.

strawberry jam with a big fruit inside.

Frozen strawberries can be kept for a long time and are only sold at
¥800 per kilogram. You can eat them as they are like a sorbet, or use them for smoothies and fruit sauces. What other ways can you think of to enjoy the seasonal taste of strawberries at home?


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (9 April 2020)

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