You Have to Try These Fruity Lipton Tea Recipes at Home

Throw in all your favorite fruits.

Since we’re spending more time at home these days, we want to spend more quality time with our family. Make bondings more special during lunch break and snack time by trying out these easy tea recipes using Lipton
 tea products most families can find in their homes.

There is an infinite variety of ways you can enjoy your tea.

Tea can be enjoyed in various ways. From straight tea to elevated ones with tapioca and nata de coco, a lot of unique twists are becoming very popular. If you use fruits and jam, you can easily try putting it together with the ingredients you have at home.

Among the combinations, you can try hot fruits in tea first. To make this, just cut up your favorite fruits and put them all together with sweetener in a cup of hot tea. We recommend
Lipton Flavored Tea for the base tea leaves and pour hot water which is 100℃ for a while (about 1 and a half minutes).

It’s as simple as putting your favorite fruits and sw
eetener in the tea.

Lipton Flavored Tea Tropical Charge
(12 pieces)

For sweet and mellow
Tropical Charge, experiment with combinations such as strawberries with mangoes, and peaches with pineapples to find the perfect mix for you. For fresh citrus Citrus Shine, kiwis with peaches, and oranges with lemons are the best choices. It’s fine to use canned fruits. It’s so easy to put together, you can try making these with your children. 

Lipton Cold Brew Earl Grey Pillow Bag
(5 pieces)

For people who want to enjoy fruits in their tea every day, we recommend making iced tea in a large bottle or liquid container. Using
Lipton Cold Brew, make tea and throw in your favorite fruits such as canned mandarin oranges, mixed berries, and syrup. Add ice in it for that refreshing kick. Delicious fruit tea will be infused in just 2 hours. If you use a transparent bottle and put colorful fruits in it, you can take fancy pictures perfect for posting on social media.

A tea drink you can have every day!

Other than this, the classic
Lipton Yellow Label is enjoyable in many ways. You may make plum tea soda if you add honey plums and non-alcohol plum brandy soda. You can also enjoy tea affogato if you pour hot tea on vanilla ice cream.

Plum tea soda

Tea affogato made with a classic Lipton


Since we can’t go outside, we hope you can make as many precious moments at home. The tea recipes you can try are not only delicious but also cute. Post your attempts on Instagram and let your friends know what you’ve been up to. Try various arrangements and make your own original tea combo.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (13 April 2020)

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