Try Making This Authentic Nagoya Breakfast Staple at Home

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More people are now working from home due to the strong appeal of the government for self-isolation. Freed from the morning commute, a lot of people can now have breakfast leisurely.
Ogura toast (toasted bread with ogura-an, a sweet azuki bean paste made of a mixture of mashed and whole beans) is perfect for these slow mornings. The crispy toast combined with the gentle sweetness of azuki bean paste and saltiness of butter is irresistible. It is definitely one of the classics when it comes to Nagoya cuisine.

Read on to find the recipe for an old coffee shop style
ogura toast devised by Swind, a Nagoya cuisine cooking specialist, after visiting different coffee shops in Nagoya. By simply taking note of 3 points in the process, you can have your own authentic ogura toast at home. Give it a try!

toast actually has 3 types. Where did it start?

toast originated during the Taisho era. A classic cuisine with more than 100 years of history.

ogura toast in Nagoya coffee shops can be categorized into 3 different types.

Among them, the most popular is the open sandwich-type with the
ogura-an spread on a piece of toast. It is usually pictured with a slice of butter on top.

During breakfast in coffee shops, the self-service type is common. It is when the
ogura-an is served separately and you have to spread it on the toast by yourself. Komeda’s Coffee initiated this style, which was copied all over the country.

In contrast, old coffee shops in Nagoya serve
ogura toast by spreading the ogura-an in between 2 pieces of toast. This old-fashioned style is the way Mitsuba, the first shop to serve ogura toast ever, made theirs. If you want to enjoy ogura toast, might as well make one similar to the original sandwich type.

Here are 3 tips to consider for the best old coffee shop style ogura toast!

ogura toast in sandwich style is very easy. Just coat 2 pieces of toast with butter and sandwich the ogura-an, right? However, the simpler the dish, the more intricate it can be. If you are aiming for the authentic flavor, try to consider the following tips.

The first tip is to use round-top bread. Since
ogura-an is heavy, the toast must have a crisp and light texture. Compared to the square bread loaf, the round-top bread is fluffier, which makes it more suitable for the ogura toast. The 6-piece pack with around 1.5 centimeter-thick bread slices has the most balanced effect.


Round-top bread with crispy, light texture when toasted is best for ogura toast

The second tip is to toast the bread with one slice on top of the other.

By toasting both slices on top of each other, the outer side of the bread becomes savory and crispy while the inside remains soft like freshly baked bread. If you toast each slice separately, it will be difficult to spread the
ogura-an, so be careful.

A lot of people surprisingly forget this, but it is important to preheat the toaster oven. This way, you can prevent uneven browning.

Toast both slices together. Once the bread starts to change color, it gets toasted in no time so be careful not to burn them.

The third tip is to blend boiled azuki beans and smooth azuki bean paste for the
ogura-an. Ogura-an traditionally refers to the paste made by cooking large red beans such as the Dainagon Azuki beans, pickling them in syrup, and kneading them with koshian (smooth red bean paste). The easiest way to make ogura-an at home is to mix boiled azuki beans, usually sold in cans or pouches, and koshian. When mixing, add a small amount of gum syrup to make the paste softer and easier to spread on the toast.

ogura-an at home by mixing boiled azuki beans and koshian

Lastly, coat the inner side of the freshly made toast slices with butter, then spread
ogura-an on one slice and put them together.

Coat toast slices with butter and sandwich the

Strong coffee goes best with a delicious
ogura toast. Have a great morning with ogura toast as your breakfast!

Check out the detailed recipe below:

Old coffee shop style
ogura toast

○Ingredients (for 2 people)

・round-top bread 4 slices of 6-piece bread loaf

・boiled azuki beans around 100 grams

koshian around 100 grams

・gum syrup 1 piece (around 13 grams)

・butter around 40 grams (more or less 10 grams per slice)


  1. Mix boiled azuki beans, koshian, and gum syrup in a bowl evenly.
  2. Put 2 slices of round-top bread on top of each other and toast in a preheated toaster oven.
  3. Coat the inner side of all toast slices with butter.
  4. Spread sweet azuki bean paste (1) on 2 slices, and sandwich it with the other.
  5. Slice the toast according to your preference.

※The recipe for the old coffee shop style ogura toast featured in this article is designed by Swind for home, based on the An Toast served by Karasu coffee shop, located in Fushimi, Nagoya.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (29 April 2020)

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