Learn How to Make These Popular Fruit Sandwiches From Daiwa

Eat well while you stay at home.

Daiwa Nakameguro Branch
1-13-6 Kamimeguro, Meguro District, Tokyo
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fruit sandwiches popular at

Since we are encouraged to stay home and avoid shopping and eating outside due to COVID-19
, there may be many people discovering their hidden skills in the kitchen. To help you prepare delicious meals at home, we learned how to make popular fruit sandwiches from the shop manager of a fruit sandwich specialty store.

The exterior of the store.
Daiwa Nakameguro Store opened on March 30.

Daiwa which is popular for fresh fruit sandwiches of the produce market taught us

Daiwa is a local supermarket in Aichi Prefecture where you’ll find lots of people falling in line. Fresh fruit sandwiches using fruits personally purchased by the president of the company, who is in charge of green goods, are very popular at this store. Soon enough, the delectable sandwiches gained fame through word mouth and there are not only supermarkets but also fruit sandwich specialty stores all over
Japan now. Ikumi Naruse, the store manager of Daiwa Nakameguro Branch which is the first store in Tokyo, shared tips with us on how to make fruit sandwiches at home, saying, “We want people to enjoy home gourmet since they’re avoiding going outside, eating out and shopping due to COVID-19.”

Fresh fruit sandwiches popular at Daiwa

Fruits with little water are good for sandwiches

Fruits with little water such as strawberries and bananas are easy to use at home

“Basically, any fruit can be made into a fruit sandwich. But what’s easy to use at home are fruits with little water such as strawberries and bananas. On the other hand, fruits that contain a lot of water such as melons, kiwis, and mangos are difficult.”

Fruits need preparation

Cut water from the fruits with thick kitchen paper

“First, peel the skin, remove the hull and cut (refer to the photo on how to cut). To remove water from the fruits that contain a lot of water, wrap it with thick kitchen paper (such as lead paper) and refrigerate for over 1 hour. Wipe the water on the surface also before using them. If that doesn’t go well, the bread will be soaked when you’re finished.”

We recommend cutting salted bread cut into 12 slices

“Original bread for sandwiches is used at Daiwa, but commercially available sandwich bread (12 slices) is perfect at home. Not sweet and rich bread like high-class bread that’s popular these days, but general salty bread is good for fruit sandwiches.”


Tips on how to display them according to each type

Cross-section surface. The left is banana, the right are 2 types of strawberries

“Place the fruits diagonally on bread with fresh cream spread on it. Since it’s the line you cut in a triangle afterwards, the beauty of the cross-section surface depends on this. After placing them on the cutting line, place them in the open spaces too.”

Banana: Use 1 cut in half and 1 and a half of the half of the bananas cut in 1/4. Place them so that the round surfaces line up when you cut it diagonally.

Place them so that the round surfaces line up when you cut it diagonally

Strawberry: We’ll introduce 2 types.

Triangle circle triangle type (the type which the cross-section surface has a combination of triangles and a circle) →Place them vertically, horizontally, and vertically on the diagonal line. Place 1 and a half pieces each on the other spaces, using all 6 pieces.

Circle circle circle type (the type which the cross-section surface has circles) →Place them horizontally so that each hull alternately faces the opposite direction. Place 1 and a half pieces each on the other spaces, using all 6 pieces.

We’ll introduce the Circle circle circle type (left in the photo) and the Triangle circle triangle type (right in the photo)

Tips on cutting

Spread fresh cream thickly across the bread

“Then put fresh cream in between the fruits and thickly across the bread. You don’t need cream on the sides. Place a plain slice of bread on top and wrap it tightly, but remember to mark it so that you’ll know which way to cut it!”

Wrap it tightly and mark it so you won’t make a mistake cutting in the wrong direction

Cool in the refrigerator

The product case inside Daiwa Nakameguro Store

From here is a professional’s technique. “You might want to eat a freshly made one, but in fact the bread, fresh cream and fruits blend in and become delicious if you let it cool it in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours. It’s also easier to cut and looks different.” After they blend in, cut it with the wrap on. It’s better to eat it fresh as soon as you can when it’s finished.

Lastly, store manager Naruse advised, “Our
Daiwa Original Blend Coffee goes perfectly with the fruit sandwiches. Enjoy the lush taste of the fruit sandwiches with your favorite drink. They have great volume because they are full of fruits, but they’re very delicious if you munch on them without being self-conscious. There are no tips on eating them beautifully.”


Would you try making these fruity sandwiches with your family and loved ones?

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (26 April 2020)

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