Here’s How You Can Make Takikomi Gohan at Home With Instant Miso Soup

So easy!

Takikomi Gohan
is a Japanese rice dish which is cooked with seasonings and several ingredients. You might think that only good cooks can make a dish like this. The fridge genie of Japan himself, Kiji Maryuta, has shared how to make an easy-to-prepare takikomi gohan with clams using instant miso soup. Anyone can make this at home!

No need to go through the long process of purging the clams. Let’s just make use of the instant mixes.

What you’ll need (good for 1 serving):

Rice (1 cup)

Instant asari-miso soup (1 cup)

Grated ginger (half of a tablespoon)

Green onions, finely chopped (as desired)

Toasted white sesame seeds (1 tbsp)

What you’ll do:

1. After washing the rice, leave it in water for about 30 minutes

2. Put the asari-miso soup seasoning packet into the cup and add some hot water. Leave for about 1 minute.

3. Remove the water from the rice. In the rice cooker pot with the rice, add the ginger, miso that comes with the instant miso soup, and the soup you made in Step 2. Mix all ingredients together

4. Add water equivalent to a 1-cup of rice, mix, then cook.

5. Once cooked, add the asari or clams from the instant miso soup and mix lightly. Transfer to serving bowls, sprinkle the green onions and sesame seeds to finish.

This recipe was shared by Kiji Maryuta, a cooking specialist, who is famous for creating easy-to-prepare recipes. He has written a book called NHK Kiji Maryuta no Kobara Suitemasenka? Papatto Recipe, which translates to ‘are you hungry for Kiji Maryuta’s quick recipes?’ published by Takarajimasha. 

Will you try making this at home? Tag us in your photos if you do!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (12 May 2020)

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