This 210-Year-Old Sweet Shop in Kyoto Teaches People How to Make Gourmet Desserts

Calling all people with a sweet tooth!

Got spare time in Kyoto? Head over to this confectionery shop called
Kameya Yoshinaga and learn how to whip up delicious sweets! This store has been around for 210 years, and currently offers a “Kyoto Sweets Making Class” wherein an expert artisan teaches people how to create wagashi.

With the use of specialized tools, class participants would get a feel of what it’s like if they have acquired the skills and techniques from past generations. To give you a sneak peek of the class, check out the steps listed below on how to make

Step 1: Put the white dough on top of the pink dough. Knead them together until you see a gradation of pink and white.

Step 2: Spread the pink dough on your palm. Next, slowly rotate it until the white bean paste dough is fully covered.

Step 3: Divide the dough’s sides into 5 parts by pressing it with your little finger. Then draw lines using a triangle tool to create 5 petals.

Step 4: For the finishing touch, add a yellow flower core!

This class offers lessons in creating three kinds of wagashi, with the designs changing per season.

After the class, a cup of freshly-whipped green tea will be served to go with the wagashi you created.

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Kansai Walker™ (6 November 2017)

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