A Company in Japan Is Producing Earth-Friendly Snacks From Insects

FAO has recommended insect-based food as an alternative to livestock.

To address the growing global food crisis, there is a rise in the production of insect-based foods. The Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. that develops MUJI
 products has recently started selling the Koorogi Senbei (¥190) or the cricket crackers on MUJI’s online shop.

It’s as tasty as the shrimp crackers!

Even the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommends insect-based foods as an alternative to livestock because of its high nutritional value and low environmental impact. Among these insects, crickets are most suited for eating, easy to breed, and can be efficiently produced. Not only in Japan, but other countries are also into this.

The company did their research in Finland, where there is already a rise in insect food production, in hopes that it will open an opportunity to consider future issues such as food security and environmental problems caused by the rapid population growth in the world.

In collaboration with Tokushima University that focuses on insect-based foods research, they started an initiative to use crickets as a food ingredient.

Now available at MUJI’s online store!

Based on Tokushima University’s research, the cricket crackers are made with the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus which is a tropical bred cricket species. To make it tasty, powdered crickets are kneaded into a rice cracker. No added flavoring was included to produce the flavor of crickets. You might be surprised to know it is as tasty as shrimp.

From the ingredients to actual manufacturing, everything is made in Japan with a stable supply system. Moreover, crickets are bred in a hygienic and safe environment. By maintaining the temperature and humidity, they can lay eggs all year round to produce the needed amount for production.

Why don’t you give this earth-friendly snack a try?

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