Here's Where You Can Find Chocolate and Matcha Takoyaki in Japan

These unique sweets inspired by Osaka cuisine!

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

bills Osaka
7/F, LUCUA 1100, Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
Contact: +81-6-6456-2500
Open from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. (last order of food is at 10 p.m., drink is until 10:30 p.m.)
How to get there: It’s directly connected to JR Osaka Station.

Sydney-based restaurant bills, said to have the best ricotta pancakes in the world, just opened another branch in LUCUA 1100, Osaka. While this is their eighth branch in Japan, there are certain dishes, such as their dessert takoyaki, that you will only find here. 

Inspired by Osaka’s signature dishes, owner Bill Granger, who often travels the world for food inspo, came up with the limited menu. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you order from it, starting with their version of the much-loved takoyaki.

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

Takoyaki is very popular in Osaka, but bills reinvented the street food favorite by creating takoyaki doughnuts with white chocolate, raspberry and vanilla cream, dry pineapple, and matcha (¥800, tax excluded). Cassis acts as a replacement for otafuku sauce, white chocolate is used as a mayonnaise substitute, sliced pineapple takes the place of sliced dried bonito, and matcha powder replaces green laver. With the homemade raspberry and vanilla cream added inside, you have a sweet sub for the octopuses.

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

Grilled Octopus with Potato Mousse, Chive Oil, and Squid Ink (¥1,300, tax exluded) is inspired by ikayaki (broiled squid). The dish is accentuated by the soft, smooth texture of potato mousse, which is then mixed with olive oil and garlic. It is almost unimaginable that this fancy dish originated from ikayaki.

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

Tapioca Chips with Coriander Yogurt and Taramosalata
(¥700, tax excluded) is inspired by Indian food papad sago and millet brittle. The chips come in five flavors: plain, squid ink, matcha, turmeric, and red pepper. You can also choose between two kinds of dipping sauces: coriander yogurt and Pollock roe sauce. This dish is perfect for sharing, and goes well with alcoholic drinks.

But of course, you can’t go to bills and not order their ricotta pancakes. 

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

The pancake is made from fresh banana, honeycomb butter, and is mixed with a lot of meringue, served with melting ricotta cheese on top (¥1,620).

Photo credit: ©Petrina Tinslay

Another favorite is the
Fresh Aussie Breakfast (left) (¥1,782), a light plate serving marinated salmon and the Full Aussie Breakfast (right) (¥2,268) an enjoyable plate served with scrambled eggs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try both the limited edition menu and one of the world’s best breakfasts in Japan!

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Provided by Japan Walker™ and Kansai Walker™ (2 November 2017)

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