You Can Now Enjoy Takoyaki Parties By Yourself at This Shop in Osaka

This helps promote social distancing.

, a chain of takoyaki and okonomiyaki shops that are mainly in Osaka, has recently started offering Social Distance Hitori Tako-pa at their Dotonbori branch where a person can enjoy doing a tako-pa or takoyaki party even if they are alone to promote social distancing.

After the declaration of Japan’s state of emergency last April, the Creo-ru group has closed all eleven of its branches. But even so, the company sold its takoyaki sets so people can still enjoy their authentic flavors even from home. It became popular as it was an opportunity for families to enjoy making their takoyaki at home.

Many have shared their comments like they want to know how to cook takoyaki well so they can serve their families, or some people would want to enjoy tako-pa even by themself. This gave Creo-ru the idea of offering the
Social Distance Hitori Tako-pa (¥605), especially that the state of emergency in Osaka had been lifted last May 23.

Creo-ru shops normally serve takoyaki cooked by the staff, but for their re-opening, they set up one takoyaki cooking pan per table. But don’t fret, because the staff will still be there to guide you on how to cook takoyaki.

One can still enjoy tako-pa while social distancing inside the store. 

With the new lifestyle, a four-seater table can be used by up to two people but seated side-by-side.

It is currently offered at the second floor of Dotonbori branch.

is a well-loved soul food of the Osakans. Enjoy takoyaki made by you! With the post-coronavirus new lifestyle, this can be the new normal.

Creo-ru Dotonbori is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (22 May 2020)

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