Help Support These Restaurants in Japan Through the Saki Meshi Project

There are 6,000 shops all over Japan that are part of this project.

As we have shared in our previous article, the
Saki Meshi is a project in Japan where people can support restaurants by paying for their food in advance and claim it once the restaurants start being in business again. It started last March and over 6,000 shops all over Japan participated. This project is for people to help support their favorite restaurants, or for those they’ve been wanting to visit. 

In this article, we share with you some of the 551 restaurants that participated in the Tokai
 area such as a popular izakaya chain, Gaburi Chicken, a restaurant that serves real wagyu, Setsugetsuka Tanaka Satoru, a well-known sushi restaurant that serves freshly made dishes by a sushi chef, Yatai-zushi, among others.

Gaburi Chicken
is famous for their karaage, bone-in chicken, and pickled highball drinks.

Setsugetsuka Tanaka Satoru
serves the best wagyu in Japan in its finest condition.

Yatai-zushi, their Jibun e no Gohobi ni! Chotoku Zeitaku Mori Set would normally cost ¥2,499, but is offered ¥1,500 in Saki Meshi

The Saki Meshi usually charges 10% service fee to every payment, however, for a limited period beginning May 25, the
Suntory company offers free of charge. During these times let us support our favorite shops through projects like the Saki Meshi.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (29 May 2020)

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