All The Snow Cone Desserts You Have to Try This Summer at Coco’s

Ice cold treats are a must during this hot and humid season.

Ice cold sweets are essential during hot and humid days. Starting June 23 until early September, you can finally cool down and refresh yourselves with
Coco’s Fuwafuwa Kakigori. They offer regular-sized treats with six types for ¥490, while their mini size costs ¥390 and has three options.

Fuwafuwa Kakigori
uses ingredients from various places in Japan

Aside from the unique ingredients from various regions in Japan that are used in the syrup for Coco’s snow cones this year,
pure ice is also used for their products. This type of ice has a high degree of transparency that’s made at around minus 10℃ and usually takes 48 hours. New flavors are also added for this year’s lineup, such as melon from Hokkaido and black sugar from Okinawa. As for the milk, each soft snow cone uses the syrup made from the rich condensed milk of Hokkaido which goes well with any flavor.

Melon Fuwafuwa Kakigori with melon fruit juice of Hokkaido is a new flavor this year and is one of the regular-sized variants of Coco’s popular snow cones. It has a rich melon scent and the sweet creamy whipped cream on top matches it very well

Second out of the six regular size variants is the
Uji Matcha Fuwafuwa Kakigori which uses the flavorful Uji matcha of Kyoto Yanoen. The sweet milk syrup encloses the rich and bitter taste of matcha. You can also get this treat in mini size.

The faint colors of
Pop Blue Fuwafuwa Kakigori which uses lemon juice from Setouchi looks refreshingly cool. Even better, the colors change when you pour lemon syrup on the blue snow cones while the candy pops in your mouth! 

Brightly colored
Strawberry Fuwafuwa Kakigori uses the juice of Amaou which is a strawberry that represents Fukuoka. If you’re a fan of strawberries, you’ll love this dessert which distinctly tastes like the refreshing fruit. There are also mini sizes available for this treat.

Mango Fuwafuwa Kakigori has mango juice from Okinawa.

Black Sugar Fuwafuwa Kakigori
uses black sugar from Agunijima.

The last two snow cones use ingredients from Okinawa. With fresh mango syrup, the
Mango Fuwafuwa Kakigori is a dessert that will make you think of tropical destinations. There are also mini sizes available for you to choose from. 

Meanwhile, the
Black Sugar Fuwafuwa Kakigori uses black sugar from Agunijima on top of the black sesame ice cream and white dumplings. These combined give this yummy treat a Japanese twist.


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM, (24 June 2020)

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