Lindt’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Collection Has Won Our Hearts

Who can say no to these?

If you have plans to travel to Japan right around Valentine’s Day, you may want to pick out a box or two from Lindt’s special Valentine’s Day collection. The Swiss-based chocolate brand founded in 1845 and sold in over 120 countries in the world offers many kinds of chocolate gift boxes for the occasion. We list some of them below:

Lindor Classic Gift Box (12 pieces, ¥1,500)
Colorful wrappings of Lindors are assorted in the stylish pink box. The classy box with a sleeve designed with a chic heart is ideal as a gift for your loved one.

Lindor Gift Collection (3 pieces, ¥540)
This collection contains Lindor’s most popular flavor, Lindor Milk, as well as their Valentine specials Lindor Heart and Lindor Valentine.

Lindt Original Truffles (4 pieces, ¥1,512)
The luxurious truffles are made by Lindt chocolatiers using carefully selected materials. All eight flavors (milk, dark, white, tiramisu, amaretto, Maduro champagne, orange liqueur, cognac) contain alcohol content. It’s perfect as personal gifts for elders and betters.

Mini Praline (100g ¥1,280 , Thank you Gift Package 100g, ¥1,430)
Get 20 cute, bite-sized pralines in nine different flavors with this colorful square box. Lindt’s chocolatiers have managed to precisely reproduce the beauty and deliciousness of pralines into a miniature size, using their outstanding skills, experiences, and passion. It’s perfect for your friends, colleagues, or family members.

Lidor is the most iconic and popular among Lindt products. Why don’t you choose one as a present for yourself on the Valentine’s Day?

LINDT & SPRUNGLI JAPAN started selling its Valentine’s Day collection from the 8th of January, 2018.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, Tokyo Walker™ (15 November 2017)

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