LOOK: Cute Panda Treats That Taste As Good As They Look

And where to get them!

If you’ve just been to Ueno Zoo and still can’t get enough of the pandas, these panda-themed treats should cheer you up.

Chikuryuan-okano’s Toragayaki (Sakura Panda) (5 pieces for ¥1,350)

Chikuryuan-okano’s Japanese confectionaries are famous for using traditional techniques in the production of various sweets. The combination of the flavorful millet sugar, the Tokachi Azuki red beans from Hokkaido, and the carefully selected “eggs” makes the best toraga-yaki. The package’s design is of a “Sakura Panda”, which is the mascot of Matsuzakaya Department Store.

Heichinrou “Panda-man” [1piece for ¥453]

Heichinrou, the oldest Chinese restaurant in Japan, provides the best Chinese cuisine by sticking to its material principle. It now offers a cute-looking “Panda-man” (a Chinese bun with a bean-jam filling).  Its main ingredient is the koshi-an (bean jam) from Hokkaido.

Bankaku’s Yukari Sakura Panda Box (16 pieces for ¥1,382)

From a store with a history of over 125 years, we recommend Yukari Sakura Panda, which comes with the Sakura Panda wrapping. Midori Yukari (Japanese shrimp rice cracker), the flagship product of this store, is made with proficient techniques from the hands of the founder, Kadojiro Saka.

Koichian’s Pandachirashi (¥691)

Koichian offers fresh sushi, including chirashi sushi (sushi rice in a bowl with a variety of sushi sprinkled on top) and inari sushi (sushi wrapped in fried tofu).

They also have Panda-chirashi, which contains several ingredients in each section of its face.

Find these treats at the Matsuzakaya Ueno Store.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Tokyo Walker™ (4 December 2017)

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