The Glamping Food Craze Is Wild in This Japanese Resto

Have appetite, will travel.

These days, many resorts and restaurants are latching on the popular glamping trend. Inoshikacho, one of the favorite food hangouts in Omiya, Saitama, is right there with them with glamping entrees like roasted whole chicken and roasted gibier on their menu.

Served in cast iron Dutch ovens, these meat dishes are presented just like you're dining by campfire. Even when you're having too much fun listening to friends tell a good story, your food stays hot, juicy, and savory.

And true to glamping style, you can have food cooked in front of you. Order the Yamaoya Cheese Risotto and watch a server toss in the rice in a cheese wheel, giving it a more ooey-gooey texture and flavor.

What's more, there's s'mores! 'Cause it ain't a glamping party without this traditional camping treat. We highly suggest you cap off your stay at Inoshikacho by ordering the Frozen S'mores. You're not a happy camper until you've tasted the marshmallows melting in your mouth-that alone is worth a second trip.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, Tokyo Walker (Nationwide Edition, 14 August 2017)

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