Fukuoka Parco Just Opened 4 New Food Establishments

And we're excited to visit them all!

Whether you have a sweet tooth or are more inclined towards savory treats, shopping center Fukuoka Parco has something for you. Here, we list down four of their newest food establishments:

Fukuoka Parco, 1/F New Building
Open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For its first original boulangerie, BAYCREW’s, the same group behind fashion label Journal Standards, has certainly done well. BOUL’ ANGE uses authentic French bread making methods, carefully selected flours from all over the world, and different ingredients each season. It’s no wonder their breads turn out as good as they do.

There are two kinds that you must get while you still can: the Pain de mie “Boul,” a mountain-shaped bread that becomes light and fluffy, especially when toasted, and the Pain de mie “Ange,” a fresh, square bread from Hokkaido’s Yumechikara aged wheat.

Fukuoka Parco Main Building
Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Famous xiao long bao restaurant Jin Din Rou just opened Din’s, a new restaurant with a variety of set menu meals such as xiao long bao with wings, Taiwan night market’s fried chicken cutlet rice bowl, and Sichuan style mapo tofu bowl—all served in generous portions. Our tip: Try the xiao long bao with a wing (which also happens to be the name of the store) with vinegar shoyu sauce and Hong Kong-style chili oil.

Gelato Piquet Cafe Creperie
Fukuoka Parco, 1/F Main Building

Using their original mixed flour made from French wheat and the finest fermented butter from Échiré, this crepe store serves delicious authentic French crepes that are both crispy and fluffy. Try their butter crepe and order it with a drink! Take out is also available. 

Aunt Stella’s Cookies
Fukuoka Parco B/1 Main Building

With 100 cookie recipes to choose from, Aunt Stella’s Cookies has no shortage of treats on offer, including American favorite chocolate chip cookies. Every ninth of the month, the store allows customers to fill up a cookie bag as much as they want for ¥880. Every fifth of the month, the bakery also holds a “¥555 Day.” This gives you a chance to win the lotto if you make a purchase worth at least ¥555.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Kyushu Walker™ (18 July 2017)

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