6 Restaurants in Tsukiji Market for Seafood Lovers

Head to these restos for some of the freshest uni, salmon, and tuna in Tokyo.

Tsukiji market, renowned as the source for fresh seafood finds in Tokyo, is home to famous stores serving delicious dishes at reasonable prices. Should you find yourself in this foodie destination, check out these restaurants that offer fresh and quality ingredients purchased straight from the market:


Dontaku is a rice bowl specialty store known for their bowls topped with tuna, kibinago (slender sprat), aji (horse mackerel), luxury fish kanpachi, ikura (salmon roe) and uni (Sea Urchin) on top of lots of rice.

There’s also the chirashi-zushi bowl (vinegared boiled rice with thin strips of egg, pieces of sliced raw fish, and more) that uses seven or eight kinds of seafood such as tuna or salmon in which the topping fish are cut in easy-to-eat sizes.

Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki

Sea urchin and salmon roe from Hokkaido, aji from Kyoto, and kanpachi from Mie Prefecture are just a few of the fresh fish produced in various areas that are offered in this restaurant.


This restaurant is famous especially among foreign visitors. One of the bestsellers in this resto is the Omakase Set. It’s a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef, with 10 kinds of sushi and fresh tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) with miso soup.


Never without a queue, this restaurant has a popular dish called Sakura. It comes with pieces of delicious tuna as well as luxurious ingredients such as kanpachi (greater amberjack), red shellfish, sea urchin, salmon roe, botan shrimp, and horse mackerel.


With a reputation for its delicious sea urchin and shellfish, this restaurant offers Hokkaido bafun-uni (elegant sea urchin), aoyagi (yellow clam), and rolls of red shells with cucumbers. Their isaki (threeline grunt) from the Mie Prefecture is also awesome!


Closest from the subway exit, this restaurant offers a sushi set that includes Hokkaido's salmon roe and sea urchin, Kyushu’s anago (eel) and horse mackerel, Aichi Prefecture's red sea bream, and more. You can also enjoy some juicy tuna in this set.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Tokyo Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (10 October 2017)

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