This New Pizza Ice Cream Will Give You The Ultimate Sugar Rush

For the berry and chocolate lovers out there.

Baskin Robbins has already sold ice cream pizza in the United States—and now it’s available in Japan as its latest offering. Known as Thirty One in Japan, the ice cream chain released the ice cream pizza as their latest offering last July 21. This dessert comes in two flavors, namely Double Chocolate and Love Berry Special (¥2,600 each).

The Double Chocolate is a frozen brownie pizza covered in classic chocolate chip ice cream and whipped cream. With chocolate ganache cakes and chocolate-coated cookies as toppings, you’d definitely enjoy both moist and crispy treats in one bite! For a more chocolatey taste, white ganache sauce is also added into the mix. Definitely a dessert for the hardcore chocolate lovers!

Love Berry Special, on the other hand, is a frozen brownie pizza covered in raspberry ice cream and pink whipped cream. This variant combines the sweet-sour taste of raspberries and the sweetness of brownie. Black and white hearts, white ganache sauce, and the store’s famous raspberry sauce make up the toppings of this pretty ice cream pizza. 

What’s more, Baskin Robbins will sell these ice cream pizzas throughout the year. Plus, there will be a new flavor coming up, so you better watch for that, too!  

Provided by Walkerplus™ and Tokyo Walker™ (20 July 2017)

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