5 Kyoho Grape Desserts You Need to Try

Enjoy this seasonal treat at Denny's!

, a casual dining chain restaurant in Japan, has released new desserts using Kyoho grapes, a seasonal fresh fruit from the Nagano Prefecture. The light-flavored fruit has been whipped up into five kinds of appetizing desserts available for a limited time only. Below are the tasty treats that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

The Sundae

Created with a layer of Kyoho grapes, refined blackcurrant sorbet, thick no-bake cream cheese, and blueberry sauce, this photogenic sundae is a delectable mix of flavors and textures. The grape cream, crispy pie, and grape jelly make this dessert extra enjoyable with every bite!

Mille-feuille Pie
Made with rich grape cream, vanilla ice, blackcurrant sorbet, and no-bake cheesecake, the Mille-feuille Pie is a light, crispy, and fragrant pie that resembles a 3D painting made from fresh Kyoho grapes.

Mini Parfait
Enjoy a dessert with a balanced mix of all its ingredients! This Mini Parfait has no-bake cream cheese, grape jelly, and blackcurrant sorbet that delightfully perk up the taste of fresh seedless Kyoho grapes.

Kyoho and No-Bake Cheese Jelly 
This grape jelly and no-bake cheesecake concoction topped with fresh Kyoho grapes is a simple yet refreshingly sweet treat!

Fresh & Jelly 
Experience an explosion of mouth-watering sweetness and freshness with this flavorful blend of grape jelly and skinned Kyoho grapes!

Enjoy these fresh Kyoho grape desserts while they last!

Provided by Walkerplus™ (31 August 2017)

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