This Chocolate Store Is the First-Ever Bean-to-Bar Shop in Hokkaido

Watch the entire process of chocolate-making when you visit this café.

origami, to glass art, to food samples, to real food, Japanese creators have always been passionate about their kurafuto or craft. That’s why as soon as the Bean to Bar trend in chocolate production took off in the U.S., it’s no surprise that chocolatiers all over Japan were quick to follow suit.

If you’re not familiar yet, bean to bar refers to the art and science of making chocolate from scratch--starting from the carefully selected cacao beans--in one place. In this article, we introduce you to the very first chocolatier to set a bean to bar shop in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

1F Salmon, Minami 2-jo, Higashi 2-chome, 7-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Contact: +81-11-208-2750
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. except Wednesdays.

Located on the first floor of Salmon, a building complex located in Sapporo, SATURDAYS CHOCOLATE FACTORY CAFE is a handcrafted chocolate factory attached to a café that provides customers a chance to observe how chocolates are being made from bean to bar, while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Among their range of chocolates and sweets, which are perfect as pasalubong, the most famous is their chocolate bar, which comes in four lines: Pure, Imagine, Bar + Plus, and Bricks.

Ghana 70 (¥890 for 65 grams)

Sourced from Ghana,
Pure is the chocolate series made with the most minimal amount of cocoa beans and cane sugar. The most popular variety is “Ghana 70,” which has a strong nutty flavor. To produce a different taste, roasting time and temperature are adjusted depending on the characteristics or source of the beans.

Nicaragua - Chuno (¥1280 for 65g)

Contrary to Pure, the
Imagine series is made up of more than just cocoa beans and sugar. It’s a product of the craftsmen’s freedom to create a unique chocolate blend using refreshing ingredients such as cocoa butter, orange peel, and a species native to Nicaragua called Chuno. The result: A special chocolate bar, characterized by Chuno strong nutty flavor, combined with the sweet-sour taste of the orange peel, a subtle hint of bitterness, and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of butter.

Genmai Puff (¥890 for 55g)

Using Ghana 64 of the Imagine series as the base flavor, the Bar + Plus incorporates dried fruits and local ingredients by collaborating with well-known shops in Hokkaido. One popular variety is the Genmai Puff, which is made with the  roasted brown rice (genmai) and pearl barley (hatomugi) of a famous tea shop in Sapporo called Gyokusuien. You’ll surely love the fragrance of the roasted genmai with the crispy texture of the puffs.


Nama choco [Honey] (¥1350 for 18 pieces)

Using fresh cream and unsalted butter from Hokkaido, this chocolate series was designed after the brick buildings in Hokkaido; hence, the name Bricks. A limited edition variety of Bricks, which is sold from summer to autumn, is called Honey and can be distinguished by the sweetness of the honey playing with the base notes of the Ghana cacao beans. If you’re not into honey, there are still lots of other seasonal and limited edition items offered in this series, so make sure to check them out!

“We would like you to enjoy the taste of chocolate and our drinks that we have made using premium cacao beans,” says chief barista Nagasaki.

Chief barista Nagasaki says, “The cool weather in Sapporo is appropriate for making chocolates. We aim to create products that are world-standard.” Because the workshop is lined with glass, anybody can observe how the chocolates are being made. Seeing the process of making the chocolate and actually being able to taste the final product are part of the shop’s charm.

The chocolates on sale vary depending on the season or year.

Taking inspiration from wallpaper patterns in Germany and England, the owner designed his own motifs for the stylish packaging and cafe interiors, so you’d be sure to have lots of Instagram-worthy moments inside.

Provided by Japan Walker™, and Hokkaido Walker™ (30 January 2018)

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