This Fresh Fish Izakaya Is Perfect for Night Owls Looking for Cheap Eats

Their value-for-money set meals are available from 11 p.m onwards.

Toc-Toc Minatomoto Shop
Minato 2-11-2, Minato, Chuo District, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Contact: +81-92-741-5232

Fukuoka City’s bay area is full of izakayas, but while many of them offer fresh seafood and local sake,
Toc-Toc (pronounced Toku Toku) Minatomoto Store stands out for their value-for-money set meals that are only available during late hours.

Using selected fresh fish from the Nagahama Fish Market, the izakaya offers sashimi, grilled
fish, fish stew, and fried fish. Most customers order the popular Goma Saba or Sesame Mackerel
(¥900), which has a sweetness from the rich oils of the fish, the aroma of sesame, and topped with a rich soy sauce. It is best matched with sake such as Fukuoka Prefecture’s Japanese sake and shochu.

The Goma Saba is topped with an exquisite homemade sauce, made from aromatic sesame seeds, and a rich soy sauce.

The mackerel used is from Genkai-Nada or the Goto Islands (a sea around Fukuoka).

See the fish being prepared before your eyes at the counter.

Toc-Toc Minatomoto Shop
isn’t only a drinking place, because there are many customers who come for the late-night set meal, which is served from 11 p.m. There are approximately 10 varieties of set meals served, including fish, rice, and miso soup, and a number of small side dishes.

There are private spaces, aside from the counter and table seats, where you can see the careful handiwork of the professional chefs.

Among all
the choices, the Sashimi Teishoku (¥1,340), which includes the Goma Saba and eight varieties of sashimi, is highly recommended. You can choose to enjoy the texture of the sashimi on its own or you can put the sashimi on top of a rice bowl and make a kaisen don (a seafood rice bowl). The choice of fish changes every day, so customers become well-acquainted with seasonal fish.

The izakaya is 10 minutes away by car from Tenjin. It stands along Kamome Hiroba Street.

Apart from this branch, there are other branches open in Kego or
JR Hakata City, which are all lively with many customers. We recommend making a reservation, especially during weekends.


Provided by Kyushu Walker™, Japan Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (23 March 2018)

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