Look for These Japanese Wafer Bars the Next Time You’re in Japan

They're the perfect pasalubong for friends and family!

Last July 4, Patisserie Kihachi updated their famous Tokyo Wafer Bars with a new product called the Tokyo Gateau Wafer Bars. The souvenir treat is available in selected branches only.

Tokyo Gateau Wafer Bars

Patisserie Kihachi has already sold a total of 2,750,000 bars from their
popular line of Tokyo Wafer Bars. These include the Tokyo Fruits Wafer Bars, which were first sold in 2016, and the Tokyo Caramel Wafer Bars, which were released in 2017. They also featured a third product in this line called the Mont Blanc and Rare Cheese Cake, a snack souvenir made from two kinds of sweets.

16-piece Tokyo Gateau Wafer Bars Set (¥1,620) lets you enjoy two flavors in one box.

One of the flavors inside is the
Maron Vanilla Cream. These are chestnut-coated wafer bars with light rum-flavored vanilla cream. The other flavor is the Strawberry Cheese Cream, which are lemon-and-milk-coated wafer bars containing sweet and sour strawberry cream cheese filling.

The cute packaging makes it the perfect 
pasalubong to bring home to your family and friends. You can also buy the 10-Piece Tokyo Gateau Wafer Bars Set for only (¥1,080).

What’s more, last July 11,
Patisserie Kihachi also launched its waffle custard sandwiches.

They offer two varieties of waffle sandwich flavors to choose from: strawberry custard and coffee hazelnut. They are available in sets of four (¥648), eight (¥1,296), 14 (¥2,268), and 20 (¥3,240). You can buy these until the end of October 2018.


Provided by Tokyo Walker™ Japan Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (5 July 2018)

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