These Are the Most Popular Sushi Toppings in Japan

You'll want to try all of them.

Deciding what to eat in Japan is a lot more complicated than you think, much more so when you're dealing with a crowd favorite like sushi. In fact, there are so many varieties of sushi, that it's really difficult to know which one to order. In this article, we introduce the most popular sushi toppings that you have to try when you visit Japan. 


Maguro-no-akami or the red meat of the tuna is a classic sushi topping with an enjoyable, rich, and refreshing taste.


Originally, salmon was not eaten raw in Japan. But recently, fatty salmon has been gaining popularity, especially with the children.


The squid is characterized by its wonderful texture and light flavor.


Also known as horse mackerel, aji has a peculiar odor, which is why it is commonly topped with ginger or something similar. Its rich, strong, and sweet taste comes from the fat of the fish. Other types of fish used as toppings include the kohada (gizzard shad), saba (mackerel), iwashi (sardine), saury, and hikari mono (a white, shimmering fish). 


This is the meat at the base of a flounder's fin. It features a light flavor and chewy texture.


Ebi or shrimp has a distinctive scent and a faint sweetness.


Ikura or salmon roe has a pleasant succulent texture. Whenever it is served as sushi, it is often marinated in soy sauce.


The famous sea urchin has a rich and mellow taste.


Usually served grilled, the conger eel has an exquisite taste, the aroma and sweetness of its fat combining with the salted sauce perfectly.

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