12 Restaurants You Must Try in Akasaka Intercity AIR

Treat your taste buds to a variety of unique flavors!

Poised to become a new landmark in the Akasaka and Toranomon area, Akasaka Intercity AIR is a newly opened, mixed-use complex. Apart from the residential and office spaces and medical institutions, it's also home to a variety of restaurants. Here, we give foodies a sneak peek of what they can look forward to:

In this restaurant, you have two options for your meals. The first floor offers Italian-style, seasonal a-la-carte dishes. Meanwhile, on the second floor, you can order from their laboratory-style menus created by DEAN & DELUCA chefs, which rotate every three months.

bondolfi boncaff

bondolfi boncaffe has been around for more than 160 years, but it only reached Japanese shores in 2014. This coffee shop imports perfectly roasted coffee—in fact, their coffee tastes exactly the same as the coffee served in Rome. In the Japan branch, though, the pizza is baked on a square iron plate and is sold by weight.

mauka kitchen
"Mauka" stands for the green mountainside of Hawaii. This restaurant offers a blend of Hawaiian and urban style derived from the European dwellers. Here, you can try Loco-Italian food, a combination of the diversity of Hawaiian cuisine and the essence of Italian cuisine. With satisfyingly healthy dishes like quinoa and gluten-free food, you can definitely indulge without feeling any guilt.

Aoyama’s delicatessen, PARIYA, opened their new store in celebration of their 20th year anniversary. This shop is known for colorful deli prepared with spices and herbs derived from seasonal ingredients, which are usually fresh vegetables. Customers can avail their lunch boxes and choose the delis they like for takeout.

Revel in the wonderful fusion of food and art! COURTESY is a new business venture from ACTCALL INC., which serves French cuisine by Yamamoto Atsushi, a former chief cook of Izu's resort Arcana, and products from the popular bakery cafe, Bread, Espresso & in Omotesando. Customers can admire the art collections of artist Tatehana Noritaka displayed inside the restaurant and an in-shop corner called CUBICLE.

Belgian Brasserie Court Antwerp Six
Belgian Brasserie Court Antwerp Six is a modern retro-style Belgian beer cafe serving draft beer at different temperatures. The store carries 10 kinds of bottled beer and 10 types of draft beers mostly from Belgium. Aside from that, the store also offers 20 kinds of canned food and fried potato, the Belgian favorite that goes well with Belgian beer. Plus, you can enjoy your drinks through a cash-on-delivery system like regular bars overseas.

Bistro Buzz
With the concept of "EAT LOCAL, DRINK GLOBAL ~Traveling Bistro~," this restaurant serves seasonal cuisine with the use of seasonal ingredients. The store set up an open live kitchen with custom-made iron plates and modern-style wooden spaces. At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Miura, a native from the Iwate Prefecture, who showcases his original cuisines cultivated through Japanese and Italian techniques. You can select the Prix fixe course wherein you can choose your favorite dishes from the menu.

Lawry's the Prime Rib
Founded in Beverly Hills, U.S. in 1938, Lawry’s the Prime Rib is a specialty shop with over 11 stores in the U.S and Asia. The Akasaka branch is the third store in Japan and can accommodate 220 guests, with three private rooms to accommodate various needs. For a delightful prime rib experience, place a large chunk of meat in a cart called Silver and cut according to your preferred size and level of doneness. Steaks and seafood platter are also available.

Yakitori Miyagawa
Yakitori Miyagawa was founded as a chicken wholesaler at Kabayacho Nihonbashi. The store had moved to Akasaka in February 2008 and closed for the sake of redevelopment. Now making a comeback, this chicken wholesaler is committed to provide not just quality meat, but also food that stays true to the original flavors the store is known for.

Aside from the popular white Japanese-style fried chicken from the Chiba Prefecture, they also offer seasonal ingredients on the menu, depending on what’s available.

Originating from Rokurinsha, Sharin helped make tsukemen or dipping noodles popular in the 2000s. With the idea to make this noodle dish part of Japanese culture, they came up with delicious and affordable tsukemen in Rokurinsha rich broth that people will never get tired of having. Another must-try is their Pork Chicken Double Soup with flavors from a fish broth.

Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya
In this restaurant, you can savor Kyushu’s regional cuisine like the motsunabe (offal hot pot) and a variety of special dishes with mentaiko (spicy rod coe fermented in special sauce for 168 hours) in an atmosphere that seamlessly blends Japanese and Western influences. Motsunabe is the main dinner menu and has two soup flavors. You may choose either agodashi shoyu or rich miso and delight in the creamy sweetness and softness of local beef.

Why NOT!? Panesu
Gear up for a busy day by getting your caffeine fix from this coffee shop. The baristas in this cafe have gained experience from Bread, Espresso &, a famous bakery café in Omotesando. Aside from hand-dripped coffee, espresso, macchiato, and café latte, a menu exclusively for office workers called TODAY’s coffee is also available. In addition, the cafe offers sandwiches from COURTESY and the barista’s choice coffee beans.

With all these restaurants in Akasaka Intercity Air, you’re sure to have a great dining experience, whichever shop you go to.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Tokyo Walker™ (24 August 2017)


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