This Pub in Fukuoka Serves Delicious Soup Bowls and Drinks From Evening Until Morning

The pub owner amazingly does everything by himself!

Udon Japanese Style Pub Tsuru
1/F Gallery Yamato Building, 3-6-7 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Contact: +81-92-263-6594
Open from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. on Mondays to Saturdays. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. It has a seating capacity for 12 people and smoking is permitted inside the premises. There is no parking space available in the area.

Udon Japanese Style Pub Tsuru
is located at the Hakatagawa Street on the east side of Nakasu. It has a sister shop called “Grulla”, which is a Japanese food pub in Hirao. It just celebrated its 5th anniversary last July.

Their classic menu features soup that’s carefully prepared by the store. In fact, the owner selects from many kinds of kelp to create the restaurant’s signature soup dishes.

A must-try in their menu is the “Shrimp Nyumen” soup (¥900). It contains “angel shrimps” which were brought up in the seawater of New Caledonia. Aside from this, Makurazaki tuna, Rishiri kelp, dried mushrooms, and flying fish are also included in both the Shimabara udon and Shimabara nyumen bowls.

These dishes boast of having thin noodles that you can easily eat as you slurp on the soup. Some
Tororo-Kombu (flakes of Konbu kelp) and deep fried tofu from Nankan are also used in the dishes. Our tip: Wait for the flakes to melt in the shrimp miso before eating it.

The shrimps in the “Shrimp Nyumen” (¥900) are sweet and have a stuffed texture.

Another dish that’s worth trying in the restaurant is the “Curry Udon” (¥1,000). It consists of homemade soup and curry that takes about five days to make.

“Curry Udon” (¥1,000)

This is how the thin and chewy nyumen and Shimabara Udon are prepared.

Other than the soups, they also have items in their menu that include ponzu sauce and dressing as their ingredients.

The restaurant owner is very keen on the way the dishes in the restaurant are prepared. He also makes it a point to spend time on every dish.

“I want to take all the time and effort to make a dish that brings out the original flavors of the ingredients, especially the mino pork. I want the customers to enjoy the delicate taste of each dish,” says owner
Kaishi Tamae.

The salt and wasabi enrich the sweet taste of the “Bite-size Mino Pork” (¥800).

Hokkaido’s brand potatoes match well with the white truffle salt and orange peel pepper in this “Potato Salad” (¥400).


The Yuzu Marmalade and “Taro Fries” (¥500) are a tasty combination you shouldn’t pass up.

Mr. Tamae runs the store each day by himself from afternoon until 9 a.m. the next day. He delivers dishes, priced at ¥1,000 or more, to bars around the shop.

“Since I’m the only one here, there are times when I have to go out of the shop to deliver to regular customers. However, if there are customers inside the shop, I would normally cancel the call for the delivery. I make it a point to keep the atmosphere nice for everyone,” says Mr. Tamae.

You can also enjoy craft-beer, wine, and distilled spirit selected by the owner at the shop.

Provided by Japan Walker™
, Walkerplus™, and Fukuoka Walker™ (11 July 2018)

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