These Chestnut Desserts Are a Must-Try in Fukuoka

Everyone's raving about them.

Hakata Hankyu
1-1, Hakata Station Chuo-gai, Hakata District, Fukuoka City
Contact: +81-92-461-1381
Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Fukuoka, a city where so many amazing delicacies like mentaiko (pollock roe), ramen, motsunabe (offal stew), mizutaki (chicken hot pot), fresh seafood, and yakitori, among others, is also known as a treasure box of sweets. Besides those from around the Kyushu region, a wide variety of famous and popular sweets from all over Japan can also be found in this city, including the popular Mont Blanc. Here, we list down some of the best Mont Blancs you have to try in Hakata Hankyu.

Juchheim’s Mont Blanc

Juchheim’s Mont Blanc (¥476) is the epitome of a classic Mont Blanc.The chestnut cream is not too sweet, and the texture is smooth. Inside, you’ll find a sponge cake with a cookie-like crust.

Mannekenpis’ Mont Blanc

Mannekenpis’ Mont Blanc (¥440) has a chestnut cream made from Japanese chestnuts. Under the chestnut cream is fresh cream, which gives the whole dessert a light and pleasant taste. Also inside are sweetened chestnuts. This Mont Blanc also has a faintly citrusy scent, which adds to the flavor.

Patisserie Moncher’s Parfait Chestnut

A departure from the classic Mont Blancs, the Parfait Chestnut (¥451) is available at Patisserie Mon Cher, a patisserie famous for its Dojima Roll Cake. It comes with two kinds of chestnuts: an unpeeled sweetened chestnut and a yellow candied chestnut. What’s special about this parfait is the amount of fresh cream, which is the same cream used for Dojima Roll Cake. Its milky and creamy aftertaste is delicious and matches very well with the bitterness and aroma of the caramel sauce. 

Henri Charpentier’s Mont Blanc

Henri Charpentier’s Mont Blanc (¥594) has a very pleasant rum liquor scent and makes use of a subtly sweet Italian chestnut cream. The texture of the crispy cookie crust together with the cream matches well.

Henri Charpentier’s Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

The Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc (¥756) is a seasonal limited edition Mont Blanc made with Japanese chestnuts from Tamba, in Hyogo. The Japanese chestnut has a unique and intense scent. Inside, you’ll find thick fresh cream and crunchy meringue.

Morozoff’s Mont Blanc Pudding

Morozoff is known for their Denmark Cheesecake and Custard Pudding, but you also have to try their limited edition Mont Blanc Pudding (¥378). On top of the pudding, you’ll find a lot of chestnut cream made with chestnuts from Takachiho Tanzawa of Miyazaki Prefecture. This cream is softer than those from other types of Mont Blancs. The pleasant sweetness of the chestnut itself matches so well with the pudding and the slightly bitter caramel sauce.


BOUL'MICH’s Mont Blanc

BOUL'MICH is popular for its traditional French confectionary, and their Mont Blanc (¥594) is a definite must-try. It’s Smooth and very creamy, it also has a strong sweetness. The big sweetened chestnut on top is the most outstanding among the other Mont Blancs. The base of the cake is a fluffy sponge cake filled with fresh cream and custard cream, giving it a rich taste. Liquor is not used for adding scents, so you that you can taste the original chestnut flavor.

ATELIER de GODIVA’s Coup Mont Blanc Chocolat

ATELIER de GODIVA’s Coup Mont Blanc Chocolat (¥842) has nuts drizzled on the edge of its small chocolate cup. On top, you’ll find crème Chantilly; inside, a crispy chocolate meringue. Besides the beautiful appearance, various scents, textures, and sweetness make the whole taste complex and balanced at the same time. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kyushu Walker™ (6 November 2018)

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