These Tourist-Friendly Izakayas in Japan Are Perfect for First-Time Visitors

No trip is complete without visiting one!

Visiting an
izakaya has always been a part of any traveler’s itinerary in Japan. Whether it’s their first time or second time around dropping by these Japanese pubs, it’s hard to get tired of going there, especially when they serve a variety of food choices and drinks.

However, with the vast number of
izakayas available around Japan, choosing the right pub to go to can be pretty difficult. One thing you’ll have to factor in is the possible language barrier between yourself and the staff. Another is making sure that you get your money’s worth.

In this article, we list down the three best
izakayas and that serve delicious, satisfying, and value-for-money meals.


, or Toriki for short, is a huge favorite among the young locals. It’s famous for serving an array of mouthwatering yakitori (grilled chicken) dishes as well as other Japanese izakaya favorites. As a matter of fact, their food is so good that there are always long lines outside the shop each day.

Their philosophy: To serve the best quality Japanese produce. And the best part of it all is that everything on their menu is very cheap! Toriki is considered the ¥100 shop of
izakayas because of their food and drink items priced at ¥298 (without tax). Despite the menu’s affordability, all ingredients used in making the dishes are of high quality and locally made in Japan.

The wood furnishings create a warm atmosphere that’s perfect for drinking.

Enjoy delicious skewers with some drinks! Kampai!

The yakitori skewers, Meibutsu Kizokuyaki, come in two big and juicy servings. They consist of chicken thigh meat and Welsh onions and are available in salt, sauce, or spice.

Aside from their
yakitori, the pub also serves izakaya favorites such as kamameshi, teppanyaki, karaage, and so much more. All the items on the menu go perfectly well with their Japanese sake. Here, you can finally enjoy beers, cocktails, and Japanese sake, all for a reasonable price.

The current system of the pub allows you to conveniently order through a tablet. It has an English option for tourists, which makes placing an order all the more trouble-free.

Torikizoku is a popular shop with many customers, we recommend you go there as soon as it opens (most shops open at 5 p.m.) or two to three hours after.


If you prefer an
izakaya that showcases a little bit of the Japanese culture, then this Showa era-themed Japanese pub just might be the place for you.


Entering the restaurant feels a lot like getting transported back in time.

The nostalgic atmosphere that the
izakaya evokes brings people back to their childhood, to a time of merry-making and fun. Inside, they can enjoy looking at dozens of trinkets and memorabilia from the Showa period as they drink the night away. For the older generation, the restaurant brings them back to their golden days. Overall, the pub is a place where customers can enjoy food that comes at a reasonable price and look back on much simpler times.

Their skewers range from ¥50 to ¥100 per stick.

izakaya serves a variety of menu items, from yakitori skewers to sashimi and oden, all for a cheap price. Their drinks are, likewise, reasonably priced.

The izakaya provides customers with a local drinking scene that’s deeply rooted in the Japanese culture.

Isomaru Suisan

The Japanese drinking culture is best represented in Japan’s fish markets. After a long day at work, many fishermen can be found drinking at the local fish markets and eating their catches of the day. While this seems to be the case in most coastal areas in the country, finding a fish market in the center of the city can be pretty difficult to do.

However, we found an
izakaya named Isomaru Suisan, which, instead, brings the market to you.

You’ll feel the fish market vibe at this seafood izakaya.

Small lanterns and marine paraphernalia decorate the interiors of the restaurant and add to its market-like drinking atmosphere. You can order different things on their menu like grilled seafood, crustaceans, and sashimi, which are all freshly delivered to the store. Their
kanimiso korayaki (crab innards grilled on the crab shell), in particular, is quite popular and is grilled right at your table.

Grills are placed at each table.

In addition to this, the store also provides a tablet with an English menu to cater to foreign tourists.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (5 February 2019)

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