You’ll Only Find These Unique Hamburgers in Japan

Have you ever had an eel burger?

Forget everything you know about burgers. In Japan, you’ll find a lot of experimental burgers that make use of local and interesting ingredients. Think eel burgers and charcoal buns. Read on for our list of must-try burgers:


Chameleon Kitchen’s Eel Burger

A new business venture by an eel wholesale store that started in 1947, Chameleon Kitchen is unsurprisingly home to unique menu items like eel cutlets. You can’t miss the Eel Burger (¥1,300 with soup, salad, and drink), which is an eel burger sandwiched in homemade focaccia and egg sauce sprinkled with Japanese pepper.

Broiled eel cooked using France eel

Homemade egg sauce with Japanese pepper.

“I want young people to casually eat eel,” says Kazuhiro Matsushita, manager.

“In a good way, it’s a strange hamburger. Try the best combination of roasted meaty eel and mellow Japanese pepper egg sauce,” says the member of West Japan Hamburger Association.

You can rent the wide space out for parties.

There are half private rooms, and terrace seats where you can enjoy your meal with your pet dog.

Chameleon Kitchen is located at 1F BREEZE COURT 2-1-41 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka.


DRAGON BURGER’s Yuzu-kosho Burger and Cacao BBQ Burger

Yuzu-kosho Burger (¥1,200, in front), Cacao BBQ Burger (¥1,300, at the back)

The recipes at DRAGON BURGER were created by Adam Lawson, winner of London’s burger competition two years in a row. You can try original hamburgers with Kyoto-style miso and Kyoto vegetables. You’ll love the homemade buns using rice flour and 100% coarsely ground beef patties with homemade sauce.

The Yuzu-kosho Burger (¥1,200) is made with 100% beef patty along with flavorful yuzu pepper and sweet chili sauce. The juicy Shogoin turnips, the soft Kujo leeks, and the unusual collaboration of Yuzu-kosho mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce are very Japanese.

The homemade sauce that helped Lawson win is used in the smoky and spicy Cacao BBQ Burger (¥1,300). The homemade sauce with thinly sliced Kyoto tsukemono pickles, Kyoto-style miso, 80 percent cacao chocolate,and wasabi mayonnaise make for a perfect combination.

“Difficult ingredients such as Kujo leeks and Kyoto tsukemono pickles are gathered into the homemade sauce. It’s worth eating it,” says a hamburger association member.

Mini Burger (¥650 each) , (¥2,000 yen for 4 pieces)


The Mini burgers are comprised of the Wasabi Burger, Yuzu-kosho Burger, Cacao BBQ Burger, and Dragon Burger (from the green bun on the left, clockwise).

Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich


Have a sweet and delicious Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich (¥500) for dessert!


"Juicy beef is used in the grilled burger," says Akira Amanogi.

A renovated store with an elegant townhouse feel. 

DRAGON BURGER is located at 13-243, Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.

CROSS Burger&Beer/Coffee’s Kyo-Veggie Burger

The hamburgers of CROSS Burger&Beer/Coffee are not what you expect hamburgers to be like: the elegant setup is like afternoon tea. Tofu patties and pickled sliced radishes are sandwiched in black buns kneaded with bamboo charcoal. They are popular among tourists and women. Each order comes with fried potatoes and salad, so they will make you feel full.

Try the Kyo-Veggie Burger (¥1,780). If it’s for lunch, you can have a drink for the same price. You can even choose from four kinds of craft beer. What makes this special are the tofu patties that are fried after the menu is ordered, the traditional pickled sliced radishes, the marinated carrots and pea sprouts, and the sesame paste with ginger.

“Simple tofu patties with crisp vegetables and pickled sliced radishes and homemade vegetable sauce add a great taste,” says a hamburger association member.

The manager, Ryutaro Hirakuri, ate burgers while he was studying in Australia.

A very relaxed space

The store is half-underground, so it has a comfortable open atmosphere.There are also counters and the store is also like a bar.

CROSS Burger&Beer/Coffee is located at 1F The Grand West Arashiyama, 48 Arashiyama Kamikaidocho, Nishi-kyo-ku, Kyoto.

Provided by Walkerplus™, Japan Walker™, and Kansai Walker™ (28 June 2018)

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