All the Food Stalls at Hanshin Umeda Department Store’s Reopened Snack Park

Let us give you a quick tour!

Snack Park
B1F Hanshin Umeda Department Store, 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka Prefecture
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

After its closure in 2015 due to renovation,
Snack Park reopened last June with a total of 13 food stalls. Old favorites that continued their business elsewhere during the hiatus like Hanshin Meibutsu Ika Yaki, which sells crepe with grilled squid, and Tamagomaru, an omelet-rice shop, have returned to the food court. Other new restaurants such as Kadoya Shokudo, a ramen restaurant, will be in the Snack Park as well.

Here’s what you can expect from the new and improved food court: 

Kadoya Shokudo (Ramen)

Kadoya Shokudo
owner Tachibana Kazuyoshi, a fan of stand-up udon and soba himself, has finally opened a stand-up eating Chuka Soba ramen. This is the first branch inside a department store for the well-known ramen shop.

Chuka Soba

The homemade noodles were developed specially for the Snack Park branch. For lunch, make sure to try their
Chuka Soba Ramen (¥500), a Snack Park exclusive! For dinner, try the Special Chuka Soba Ramen with Pork Meat Slices and Aji-tama (¥850).

“Chuka Soba Ramen is ¥500! You can enjoy the taste of ramen with a 17-year history for one coin. We have made delicious noodles, so please enjoy.” says the owner.

Tachigui-sakana Fujiya (A Fish Market’s Standing Bar) 

This is a new style of restaurant for the seafood
izakaya (Japanese-style pub) that is known for their delicious fish and affordable price in Umeda and Tennoji. There are sashimi plates and fresh and affordable fish dishes. You can also enjoy a light drink with local Japanese sake!

The Fish Market’s Fish Plate has many types of sashimi on it.

For lunch, try their
Special Lunch Time Service! Fish Rice (¥580). In the evening, compare local Japanese sake at a counter lined with a la carte dishes.

“We carefully select fish that matches local Japanese sake. We try to make this place an oasis where you can have a casual drink with high-quality drinks and fish!” says Nishikawa Tetsuo, the owner.

Ushiyaki Miraku (Japanese Style BBQ rice bowls)

Deyashiki Mirakuen
, a long-established yakiniku restaurant, produced Ushiyaki Miraku. Yakiniku rice bowls are perfect for lunch. Other reasonably priced ushiyaki, which is beef meat marinated with a special sauce and is cooked with a fluffy batter, are also recommended.

Tare Yakiniku Rice Bowl 

The sauce for this rice bowl is a secret recipe created by the owner chef of
Deyashiki Miakuen himself.


For lunch, the
Tare Yakiniku Rice Bowl (¥580) will satisfy your appetite. For dinner, you can enjoy the delicious beef taste of the Ushiyaki (¥290).

The owner chef says, “We grill beef on specially made plate. The grilled beef and special sauce are great!”

Wine and Fried Spaghetti ROMA-KEN (Fried Spaghetti) 

is becoming more and more popular with its addictively delicious fried spaghetti.

Napolitan Spaghetti (¥400) and Roasted Beef Spaghetti (¥650)

For lunch, try their popular
Napolitan Spaghetti and Japonaise, a Japanese-style pasta dish, which has been renewed specially for Snack Park. For dinner, try their Roasted Beef.

“It took more than a year for us to think of the new style of the restaurant and menu. We will surely satisfy you,” says Hamada Hiroyuki, the owner.

Tempura no Yama (Tempura Rice Bowl) 

This is
Tempura no Yama’s first time to open a tempura rice bowl specialty restaurant. They pride themselves in their original batter and crispy fried ingredients and usage of Fukuoka’s soy sauce for the dip. When evening comes, they start serving shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) and some a la carte and set dishes.

Shrimp Tempura Rice Bowl uses carefully selected shrimps and has a sauce with a rich taste.

For lunch, try their
Shrimp Tempura Rice Bowl (¥500). For dinner, order their Shochu and Tempura. There is a menu which lets you choose three kinds of tempura (¥800).

“Tempura flour, sauce for the rice bowl are also originally made. Please enjoy the seasonal taste,” says Sakaki Jyunji, the owner.

Dotonbori Akaoni (Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba) 

Aka Oni
provides different kinds of takoyaki, from the traditional to the unique. They also serve okonomiyaki and yakisoba made with takoyaki batter.


For lunch, try their
Okonomiyaki (¥400). It’s very light and fluffy, so you can eat as many as you want! For dinner, enjoy their Yakisoba (¥350) with its aromatic original sauce.

“Please enjoy the Osaka taste at lunch time or dinner, with beer.” Says Shima Mitsuhiro, the owner.

Sushi Uogashi Nihon Ichi (Stand-up sushi) 

At Sushi Uogashi Nihon Ichi, you can enjoy Edo-style sushi made in front of you. Besides lunch and dinner time, you can satisfy your seafood cravings anytime you want with sea urchins and salmon roe at affordable prices.

Enjoy freshly made sushi by the chefs.

For lunch, order their bountiful lunch set that comes with seven pieces of sushi, egg roll, and miso soup from ¥600. For dinner, try their sushi (from ¥162 per 2 pieces on 1 plate).


“Enjoy the fresh fish and temperance of the sushi chefs!” says Kurita Tomoki, the owner.

Tori Ten Udon Tembo (Udon) 

The homemade udon made from locally produced wheat is becoming more and more popular in Osaka among Sanuki (the old name of the Kagawa Prefecture which is famous for its udon) udon lovers.

Tori Ten Bukkake topped with crispy chicken tempura

For lunch, try the Kansai-style
Tori Ten Bukkake Udon (¥480). For dinner, enjoy the Tori Tempura (¥170).

“Cold noodles is our recommendation. You can enjoy the taste of the udon noodles made from wheat produced in Japan,” says the owner, Iinuma Keisuke.

While you’re at Snack Park, don’t forget to try these nostalgic items, too!

Hanshin Meibutsu Ikayaki’s signature item is the Ikayaki or crepe with grilled squid  (¥152). It’s made with a special soup stock that blends well with the squid!

Umaka Ramen’s special soup and homemade noodles evoke a sense of nostalgia. Try their Assari Shoyu Ramen (¥340), a refreshing bowl of soy sauce-based ramen.

Tamagomaru’s Funwari Tamago Omu Rice (from ¥398) is a must-try. You can even choose among four different sauces, such as the tomato and demi-glace sauce.

Ganso Choboyaki Main Branch’s Choboyaki (¥160 each) is known as the predecessor of takoyaki.

Gozasoro uses azuki beans from the Tokachi area of Hokkaido and has a rich taste.

Try their Aka-an and Shiro-an (¥85 each)

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (22 May 2018)

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