You Have to Try These Street Food Delicacies in Kyoto

There's more to Japan than sushi.

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Japan is a food haven for foodies. Their cuisine is so seemingly simple yet bursting with rich, complex flavors. In my short visit to Kyoto, I must admit that I enjoyed the food walk juxtaposed to the
Fushimi-Inari Shrine more than the vermillion Torii gates Kyoto is famous for.

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Taking the Keihan Line, I hopped off the Fushimi-Inari Station. In just a few steps, I was already inside the Fushimi-Inari Shrine complex. If you walk towards to your hard left (you can even just follow your nose for this one), you'll find the street food walk packed with hungry locals and foreigners. Mind you, there are a
lot of stalls and kiosks to try. So here, I rounded up 15 of the tastiest and cheapest (they go only up to ¥400) snacks you can try there. Scroll down to see more!

Grilled Quails

At first I thought they were one-day-old chicks that we have here locally, but these are actually barbecued boneless quails.

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They may look like marshmallows roasting on a stick but they are actually sticky cakes meant to be glazed with sweet soy sauce. They come in two flavors: the white one is made out of rice and the green one, (no, not
matcha) is made out of yomogi or mugworts.

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Japanese Egg Waffles

Unlike its Hong Kong counterpart, Japanese egg waffles are filled with custard or red bean fillings.

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Grilled Eel

The taste depends on the sauce, but texture-wise, it's mostly like chicken (or a really dense fish probably).

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Miso Rice Cake Pops

No, these aren't popsicles. These are rice cakes on a stick to be grilled and then drenched in savory miso sauce.

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This is the reason why you go to Japan in the first place! This sweet and chewy mochi has matcha filling and is topped with a fresh strawberry. Other mochi flavors include red bean, white bean, mugwort and strawberry.

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The famous fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet adzuki bean paste is perfect for those who just want a little sweetness to taste on their palates.

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Tofu steak

Grilled and glazed with a special savory sauce, it's one of Japan's cheap but highly-nutritious snacks. Vegan or not, you'll enjoy it!

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