These Cute Little Cafes in Japan Are Located Near Odawara Castle

Take a break from all the walking!

During the spring season, many tourists flock to densely populated tourist spots in Japan just to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. However, there are many quiet neighborhoods in the country where you can spend your time admiring other kinds of flowers. In Odawara, for example, you can enjoy viewing plum trees and winter flowers, among others, while taking a stroll around Odawara Castle.

After a peaceful promenade in the vicinity, rest your feet at any of these cafes nearby:

Shiromachi Cafe

Don’t miss the chance to drop by this new cafe!
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

Shiromachi Café
can be found along Ohoribata Douri, the road that leads to Odawara Castle. Its interiors feature a mix of contemporary and Japanese designs that blend well with the castle town’s neighborhood.

Since its opening last August 2018, the cafe has become famous for its sweets and lunch sets that use various local ingredients. For lunch, try their appetizing Osaru no Kagoya Shiromachi Omusubi Set (¥1,000 with drink), which is a Japanese rice ball meal set. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, you can also try the Shiromachi “Masu” Tiramisu (¥800), which is made with layers of matcha mascarpone cream, matcha ice cream, carefully selected sweet beans, and shiratama dango (mochi balls).

The cafe also offers unique drinks such as Orange Iced Tea (¥700), local beers, and other alcoholic beverages.

The plum flower design on top of the Shiromachi “Masu” Tiramisu makes it stand out.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

Carefully selected Bean Confectionaries (¥380) are also sold near the cafe’s entrance.

These make the perfect souvenir gifts to take home to your family or friends.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

Other services such as free Wi-Fi, free use of electrical outlets, and the Shiromachi concierge for Odawara tourist information and assistance can be availed in the cafe as well. It’s the perfect stopover when visiting the area.

Relax in the natural woody surroundings.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

Shiromachi Cafe is located at the 1/F Marukoshi Building, 1-14-41 Sakae-cho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. You can get there through a 7-minute walk from Odawara Station.

Cafe + Bar Ohori

After passing through a narrow street, climb a staircase to reach the cafe’s entrance.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

Cafe + Bar Ohori
is a stone’s throw away from Odawara Castle. While the central tower of the castle is not visible from the cafe, it still offers a good view of the moat.


The interiors are somewhat small and only have a few seats. However, this design makes it a private space where people can relax and peacefully watch the birds outside.

The female owner, whose hobby is to travel in Asia, chose to design her store with Asian inspired accessories.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

The owner took over the former teahouse and transformed it into the cafe-bar that it is today. It functions as a secret hideaway where tourists can enjoy both a relaxing vibe and a superb view.

The shop’s menu consists of various handmade sweets and local tea. You should definitely try their Chocolate Cake with Sweetened Beans and Yuzu (¥700) and Koyurugi Tea (¥480) made from  Odawara’s local tea leaves.

The fluffy chocolate cake with citrus scent and Koyurugi tea make the perfect combination.
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

The view of the moat and Manabi Bridge from the shop’s dining area
© KADOKAWA Photo: Erika Shimamoto

During spring, cherry blossoms bloom along the edges of the moat, making the view even more beautiful. The red Manabi Bridge in contrast to the sweet pink cherry blossoms is also worth seeing.

This is the picturesque scenery from the window of the store in April.

Cafe + Bar Ohori is located at 203 Okutsu Building, 2-16 Jonai, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily except on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can get there through a 10-minute walk from the east exit of Odawara Station.

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