BAKE Opens Their First Specialty Chocolate Store in Japan

They're not just about cheese tarts!

Chocolaphil - Etomo Jiyugaoka Branch
1-31-11, Jiyugaoka, Meguro District, Tokyo
Contact: +81-3-6459-5821
Open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
How to get there: It’s right at the ticket gate of Jiyugaoka Station.

Last February 1,
BAKE opened their very first gâteau au chocolat specialty store called Chocolaphil inside the Etomo Jiyugaoka commercial center.

Gâteau au chocolat Rond is a melt-in-your-mouth baked soft mousse dessert.

This specialty store was born from the concept of wanting more people to enjoy original
gâteau au chocolat. These chocolates are made from carefully selected Colombian cacao found at a nama chocolate (ganache) specialty store in Kamakura called ca ca o.

Their products were produced after a series of trial and errors, making sure that
ca ca o’s expertise in harvesting and producing chocolates, coincides perfectly with BAKE’s continuous pursuit for their sweets’ delicious flavors.

The shop’s desserts have a pleasant cacao aroma.

has two kinds of products: the Gâteau au chocolat Rond (¥320), a baked soft mousse dessert cup, and the Gâteau au chocolat Rectangle (¥2,916), a rich and luxurious chocolate gateau bar.

Both of these products are made by carefully balancing the chocolate and butter and maximizing the potential of the cacao flavor. The store recommends that you eat the
Gâteau au chocolat Rond when freshly baked and the Gâteau au chocolat Rectangle after it’s been refrigerated.

The shop selects only the best ingredients for their desserts and makes it a point to serve them fresh to customers.

Now on its 6
th year, BAKE is widely known for their innovative sweets. Their in-house designer, Yumiko Kakizaki, is the art director of the Chocolaphil brand. She chose the vivid blue “ultramarine” color for the products’ packaging to represent the vast ocean that brought cacao to Japan and silver to signify the common chocolate wrapper.

The packaging’s colors were chosen based on the image of a vivid, blue, ultramarine ocean.

Provided by Japan Walker™
, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (1 February 2018)

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